Monday, 22 October 2012 09:48

October 2-5, 2012

KIOGE-2012 exhibition

Zavod Neftegazoborudovanie Ltd. participated in the largest international exhibition KIOGE -2012 (Almaty) that celebrated its 20th anniversary. This anniversary year over five hundred companies from 23 countries worldwide have took a part in the exhibition. The display was placed at five pavilions of Atakent center and occupied more than 20 thousands of square meters.

At our booth the visitors could see the information of our equipment, as well as new advanced developments in the field of gas heating and purification systems. Many important meetings with representatives of major oil and gas companies were held, new mutually beneficial contracts were concluded during the event.

Discussion of oil and gas industry live issues, dialoguing with national and foreign partners allowed us to determine the prospects for further cooperation and our company development, to find out the needs of operating organizations for their inclusion in the development of new projects.

At present, the oil and gas industry is the key of a dynamically developing economics of the Kazakhstan Republic. Collaboration of our company with the leading Kazakhstan construction and design organizations shown excellent results. We hope for further development of these relations and for expansion of number of our partners.