Oil processing automatic control system

Oil processing unit Operating procedure automatic control system (OPU OPACS)


Oil processing unit Operating procedure automatic control system (OPU OPACS) is intended for automation of technological process of OPU, and technological process control and monitor specialists activities, for prompt informational monitoring of equipment and OPU operating practices administration, OPU technological process high efficiency control.


  • OPU data prompt monitoring;
  • Program- logical equipment control;
  • Equipment production conditions automatic control;
  • Track of equipment operating time, oil, water and gas expenditure calculation;
  • Current information long-term storage;
  • Reporting documentation filing;
  • OPU OPACS equipment condition diagnostics.


OPU Control and monitor system constitutes software and hardware suit. Technological process control and monitor are performed due to following levels of hierarchy:

1) Automation primary means (sensitive elements, measuring transducers, local control tools, and final control elements). Primary purpose:

  • Technological parameters transforming into information signal;
  • Control signals transforming into control action.

2) Equipment with local automation system (chemical dozing units, line heaters, oil, gas and power metering skids etc.);

3) Field control station. Primary purpose:

  • Sensing and primary information processing;
  • Automatic control, programmable logical control, protection and safety interlocking;
  • Data exchange with higher authorities and following higher authorities' orders.

4) Multifunctioning automated workstation for an operator. Primary purpose:

  • Real-time data collection from the object of control;
  • Interconnection all components into uniform information-management system;
  • Performing man-machine interface functions;
  • Technical process monitoring;
  • Technical process prompt control.

5) Database server. Primary purpose:

  • Current information long-term storage;
  • Granting access to archived information using database standard features.

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