Oil quantity and quality attributes measuring system OQAMS (LACT analogue)

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Oil quantity and quality measuring system and crude oil quantity and quality measuring system are meant for the following:

  • Automated measuring of oil and oil products mass (volume) by direct and indirect dynamic measurements method;
  • Automated oil and oil products technological and quality parameters measuring (oil density, oil viscosity, oil humidity, oil pressure, oil temperature);
  • Measurement results presentation (indication), procession and logging.

Системы измерения количества и показателей качества нефти  СИКН


OQAMS components set is settled according to oil parameters and the customer’s individual requirements. In general OQAMS consists of process equipment and data collection and processing system.

Main components of process equipment:

  • Filter section (FS);
  • Meter run section (MRS);
  • Oil quality metering section (OQMS);
  • Check-out set section (CSS);
  • Information processing system (IPS).

Process equipment may also include:

  • Flow and pressure control section;
  • Roving junction point;
  • Technological and drain pipelines.


On the customer’s requirement:

  • Open variant on the basis of frame construction for outdoor area or indoor installation;
  • Close variant. The equipment is installed in a block-box with thermo insulated metal frame.

Filter section (FS) cleans oil from chemical admixtures and prevents working sections obstruction. FS encloses two filters (working and standby) with quick disconnect cap, discharge and suction manifolds, shut-off valves, differential pressure indicators and manometers.

Meter run section (MRS) measures oil flow and controls oil parameters. Meter runs number and diameters are determined by calculation depending on maximum flow and type of used flow transducer. The meter run section encloses: meter runs, mass and volume flow transducers, pressure and temperature sensors, check-out set junction point, discharge and suction manifolds, shut-off valves, leakage control system devices.

Oil quality metering section (OQMS) controls and measures running oil and oil products quality parameters. OQMS encloses following essential components: circulating pulsers (main and standby), thin clearing filters (main and standby), current density transducers, current humidity transducers, current viscosity transducers, flow transducer, temperature and pressure sensors, manometers and thermometers, automatic sampler, oil-flow controllers, wash system, shut-off valves.

Check-out set section (CSS) encloses mechanical displacement prover (MDP) as its main component. MDP controls metrological performance and instrument calibration in field. MDP encloses: pressure transducer, manometer, thermometer, temperature transducer.

Flow and pressure control section is developed and designed in case of necessity and is assembled in the outlet of OQAMS.

Operation environmentTank oil (crude oil)
Working pressure, MPa, not more than Up to 10
Maximum range, m3/h (m3/24h)According to the technical design assignment requirements
Oil density, kg/m3700…950
Oil viscosity, cSt, not more than120
Working medium temperature, °C5… 60
Temperature inside the block, °C, not less than 5
Ambient temperature, °C-60… 50
Climatic modification as requiredby GOST 15150-69*M, B, F
Buildings fire and explosionsafety as required by fire code NPB-105-03A
Supply voltage, V220/380
Frequency, Hz50
Working modeContinuous/periodic
Dimensions, mm*Takinginto account the dimensions allowable for transportations
Weight, kg, not more than*25000

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