Shut-off valves, switching valves sections

Correct use:

Shut-off valves, switching valves sections are intended for routing, refinement and discharge measuring of liquid hydrocarbon non-associated gas, chemical liquids and process water (further – pumped medium) that are distributed to particular processing facilities with work pressure up to 16 MPa. The shut-off valves, switching valves sections are as well used for collectors and flow lines overpressure protection, and liquid flows cutting in case of flow lines leak.

External Conditions:

Shut-off valves, switching valves sections can be operated in macroclimatic areas with mild (M) and boreal (B) climate, as well as in areas with frigid (F) climate. Climatic modification of the sections is chosen depending on the development area according to the GOST 15150-69 standard requirements.

Product compound:

The sections equipment is assembled on the welded frame in a heat-insulated house.

Process unit explosion hazardous zone class – B1a.

Process unit encloses:

  • Pipelines;
  • Drain system with drain manifold;
  • Pipeline and drain system shut-off and control valves;
  • Filters;
  • Automation sensors and annunciators;
  • Ventilation, heating and lightning system.

Process house electrical equipment (house heaters, lightning, air conditioner, sensors) control is performed by control cabinet.

According to the Customer’s requirement specification the sections are manufactured considering the following:

  • Nominal working pressure;
  • Passage diameter specifications;
  • Shut-off and control valves quality and quantity;
  • Flow meter and counter availability;
  • Flow meter and counter type and model;
  • Filters availability;
  • Instrumentation and automation equipment quantity and components;
  • Ventilation system;
  • House type;
  • Heating system availability.

Technical characteristics:

Nominal pressure, MPa1,2 to 16
Inlet/outlet fitting nominal inside diameter, mmOn the customer’s requirement
Outlets numberUp to 9
Ambient temperature, °С- 60... 40
Main power supply voltage, V220
Emergency power supply voltage, V220
Section’s overall dimensions, mmRegarding allowable transportable dimensions
Section weight, kg, not more:15000

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