Liquefied petroleum gas odorizing unit (LPG odorizing unit)


Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) odorizing unit is used for odorizer rate batching of LPG flow passing through the pipeline. Attained characteristic smell is aimed for well-timed leak detection.

LPG odorizing unit is meant for continuous service without constant attendance. Routine maintenance is fulfilled during planned shutdowns and processing facilities inspections.

LPG odorizing unit provides odorizing compound supply to LPG pipeline in necessary amount according to preset parameter.

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LPG odorizing unit is meant for operation in macroclimatic areas with mild (M), boreal (B) and frigid (F) climate. Climatic modification of the section depends on a development area according to standard GOST 15150-69 requirements.


LPG odorizing unit has a modular construction. Process and hardware sections' equipment is set on a welded frame and placed in an heat-insulated area.

In process section of the unit following primary elements are built-on:

  • 1. Dosing pump (pressure tight membraneous motor pump unit) that provides continuous volume batching.
  • 2. Day tank under pressure up to 1,6 MPa for odorizer storage and relying. It is equipped with inlet, outlet and stack pipe, safety valve, nitrogen system, pit-level system, pressure sensitive element, visual manometer, calibration drum for dosing pump calibration (on the customer's request).
  • 3. Neutralization tank with volume up to 0.2 m3.
  • 4. Filter strainer with restriction warning light on day tank run-down line.
  • 5. Dozing pump down-stream and intake lines fitting with additional equipment on the customer's request.
  • 6. Pump downstream line flow indicator for odorizer injection shot control.
  • 7. Ventilation, lightning and heating system.
  • 8. Instrumentation and automation for engineering data control and management facilities.
  • 9. Hardware section encloses control cabinet, power cabinet, and additional equipment. The section is meant for process compartment electrical equipment control.

Automation and control amount provides:

  • Odorizer injected doze control;
  • Odorizer discharge rate correction;
  • Discharge rate metering system;
  • Odorizer level an the day tank monitoring;
  • Release of information about odorizer stockout;
  • Alarm signaling in case of operating irregularity;
  • Dosing pump performance control and diagnosing.

Section equipment components and hardware version is determined by the customer according to data sheets or design task order.

Present LPG odorizing unit for liquids consists of two units: process unit (explosion hazardous area B-A1) and hardware unit (general purpose industrial version) which is set beyond explosion hazardous area.


  • Day tank, 0.3 m3, and work pressure – 16 Kgf/cm2 (1,6 Mpa) equipped with inlet, outlet and stack pipe, safety valve, nitrogen system (pipe, SENS magnetic valve and check valve), SPPK4R emergency shutdown valve with downthrow fault into flaring system, PMP-062 pit-level sensor, Metran pressure sensitive element, visual manometer.
  • Odorizer dozing system manufactured on a separate welded frame with bath which encloses following elements:
    • Milton Roy-series diaphragm dosing pump (1 operating/1 standby) with producing rate – 2l/h and working pressure – 25 Kgf/cm2 (2.5 Mpa) with stainless steel membraneous flow part, multiturn device remote control (rationing depth 0-100%), integral-pressure relief valve, accuracy of dose - ±1%; explosion proof diaphragm breaking sensitive element;
    • Calibration cylinder, 1.5 l;
    • Dosing pumps' intake and discharge line fitting including f10х1 pipe cojointed with ells, pressure snubbers, safety valves, magnetic valves for current remote control, pressure sensitive element, visual manometer, check valve and discharge line flow indicator for odorizer injection shot control;
    • Vent line for odorizer emergency releases and nitrogen blow down line.
  • Ventilation system presented as batch operation exhaust ventilation that provides octuple air change. Air intake is conducted from room's lower band. Air is taken through air grating.
  • The unit is provided with electric heating.


  • Control cabinet;
  • Power cabinet;
  • Chokes;
  • Ventilation through ventilation grating;
  • Electrical heating.

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