Valve manifold, water injection distribution manifold (VM, WIDM)

Proper use

Valve manifold is intended for routing, discharge and pressure measuring of the water which is injected to injection wells of the pressure maintenance system (PM).

External conditions

Valve manifold can be performed in macroclimatic areas with mild (M), and boreal (B) climate as well as in areas with frigid (F) climate. Climatic modification of the valve manifold is chosen regarding the developing area according to the GOST 15150-69 standard requirements.

Explosion hazardous zone class is B1a. Process unit is assembled beyond explosion hazardous area.

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Product components

Valve manifold consists of two units: process and instrumentation units. VM is fulfilled in modular construction. VM construction meets OST 26.260.18-2004 “Process units for gas and oil industry. General technical conditions”. The unit’s equipment is assembled in a heat-insulated house. Block-boxes are fulfilled on a welded basis (the basis material – steel shape) with fencing.

Process unit encloses:

  • Discharge (general) manifold;
  • Head conduits;
  • Drain system with drain manifold;
  • Shut-off and control valves of the manifold, conduits and drain system;
  • Automation sensors and annunciator (on automation and conduits);
  • Ventilation and lighting system.

The technological house electric equipment (house heaters, lighting, air conditioning, sensors) control is performed by a control cabinet of the instrumentation unit.

For the service to be convenient VM is equipped with manometers on every discharge pipe and with interconnecting walkway above discharge pipes.

VM unit components and its positioning options are determined by the customer according to the technical data sheet or the design engineering assignment.

Valve manifold technical characteristics:

Operating environment Process water for Flood pattern (fresh, stratum)
Operating environment temperature, °С 5 ... 65
Discharge header pipe nominal diameter, mm 100…300
Pressure pipeline nominal diameter, mm 65, 80, 100, 150
Head conduits number 2 to 8
Nominal pressure, MPa 10, 16, 21, 25
Ambient temperature, °С от -60 до 40
Climatic modification according to GOST15150-69 * M, B, F
Explosion hazardous zone class according to PUE Electrical installation code В-1а or В-1б
Overall dimensions, mm * length breadth height 5000...8000 3000…3250 up to 3400
Weight, kg, not more * 10000

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