Chemicals injection package (CIP)

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Chemicals injection package (CIP)


Chemicals injection package is intended for liquid demulsifying compounds and rust preventive injection into field oil transport and treatment pipeline for within pipeline oil demulsification and pipeline equipment rust prevention, reduction of saline deposit on the pipes and equipment walls.

Блок дозирования реагентов


CIP is meant for operation in macroclimatic areas with mild (M) and boreal (B) climate as well as in the areas with frigid (F) climate according to the GOST 15150-69 standard requirements.


CIP consists of technological section (hazardous zone class B-1A) and instrumentation section (general purpose industrial version) on the same base (a frame). CIP is placed outside the hazardous area.


Блок дозирования реагентов


Technological section encloses:

  • Dosing pump (electric pump unit, plunger or membranous), performing continuous chemicals volume batching;
  • Rotary gear pump performing technological tank filling with the chemical, chemical transmission from the outside tank to the inside tank, and regular overturn of the chemical in the tank;
  • Welded inside (day) tank of rectangular cross-section equipped with visual level controller used for chemical storage. On the customer’s demand the tank may be equipped with electric heater, thermometer, calibrating tank for dosing pump adjustment and another equipment;
  • Free-flow outside (technological) tank, welded, of rectangular cross-section equipped with visual level controller. It is used for extra chemical storage and heating;
  • Dosing pumps discharging and intake line fitting including (on the customer’s demand) additional equipment;
  • Ventilation and lighting system;
  • - Instrumentation and automation for technological parameters and.


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