Automated metering set

Metering performed by the set meet the requirements of GOST R 8.615-2005 for separate wellsites metering.

Proper use

Automated metering sets are meant for periodical crude oil and non-associated oil gas made from the oil and gas wellsites quantity metering by direct and indirect ways. The set is also used for the metering results further software processing for its storage, archiving and ensuring the results transmission to the telemetry system through the communication channels installed by the users.

The product components

Accordingly to the construction the set may enclose one to two liquid and gas flow metering devices of the following models:

  • F, CMF, T, R series MICRO MOTION mass volumeters, DN 15mm-150 mm;
  • PROMASS mass volumeters, DN 8 mm-250mm;
  • ROTAMASS mass volumeters of RCCS, RCCT, and RCCF modifications;
  • SFC mass volumeters;
  • MASSFLO mass volumeters.

Other models of mass volumeters are possible to use if they meet the following conditions:

  1. Certificate of measuring equipment type approval.
  2. Declared measuring range ensuring.
  3. Parameters measuring allowable relative error ensuring within the metering set according to the requirements of GOST R 8.615-2005.

Switching between wellsites in the sets is performed in one of the following ways:

  1. Using electrically actuated three way ball valves;
  2. Using multiway wellsites switch.

Production stream division to gas and liquid (oil water) is performed by gas-oil separators. Number of wellsites rigged in the set is from 1 to 14 pieces.

Parameters Values
Crude oil daily mass flow nominal value according to the construction, tons/24h 1 to 3 000
Daily volumetric gas discharge nominal value, m3/24h, (normalized to standard conditions) Up to 2 500 000
Working pressure, MPa Up to 16
Number of rigged-in wellsites, pcs 1 to 14
Connector pipeline diameter, mm, not less 50
Allowable measuring relative error limits according to GOST 8.615-2005  
- crude oil mass, % ± 2,5
- non-associated oil gas volume, % ±5
- crude oil mass not counting water, when volume ratio of water in oil, %, under 70% 70 to 95% over 95%     ±6 ±15 According to certified procedure of measurements
Electric mains supply parameters  
- current type alternating
- voltage, V 380/220
- voltage tolerance, % -15 to 10
- alternating current frequency, Hz 50 1
- power consumption, kW, not more 10
Climatic circumstances  
- ambient temperature, ?С 5 to 90
- Cinematic viscosity at 20?С, m2/s 1*10-6 to 120*10-6
- sulfides mass fraction, %, not more 3
- hydrogen disulfide volume content, %, not more 2
- water content in liquid, volume fraction, % 0 to 100
- solid parts content, g/l, not more 5
- process house explosion hazardous class В-1А
- automation house explosion hazardous class Non-explosive
Overall dimensions of the set  
Process house length, mm breadth, mm height, mm weight, kg   3135 to 6170 3000 3830 3500 to 7200
Automation house length, mm breadth, mm height, mm weight, kg   2000 2850 2735 1160

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