Automatic Control System of Technological Process (ACS TP)

Automatic Control Systems of Technological Process ACS TP (GDS, GRS, TBP, CS and industrial enterprises)

Our enterprise has developed and produces Automatic Control Systems of Technological Process ACS 55402257-4210-001 based on SIMATIC S7-300-series programmable controllers of Siemens production.

Intended use

Uninterrupted automatic control of process parameters, implementation of protection functions, remote and automatic control of GDS main and auxiliary equipment, providing gas supply to consumers of required volume and specified parameters.

ACS GDS is designed for operation as a part of integrated automated process control system of gas transmission companies (IACS TP) to ensure interaction with the control center via the communication channels of telemechanics linear part or computer network.

ACS GDS is an equipment of different design configuration. The structure and number of its functional units is determined by the order in accordance with configuration of a concrete GDS.

Functions performed by ACS GDS

Information functions:

  • automatic data collection from sensors of process parameters;
  • automatic data collection and information processing of operation modes, state of main and auxiliary equipment and valves position, including:
    • shutoff valves, switch and reducing units;
    • gas heaters;
    • fire-fighting system and gas contamination control system;
    • heating system, ventilation and burglar alarm system.
  • formation of signaling of pre-emergency and emergency situations, unauthorized changes of process equipment state, parameters departure from process settings;
  • information display and alarm of emergency situations at the operational panel (control panel) of automation cabinet or at display of GDS operator workstation;
  • gas flow rate measurement with gathering information of hourly, daily, monthly and annual gas consumption by GDS consumers;
  • integration with commercial calculators of gas flow;
  • information exchange with remote and (or) local operator workstation via the interface communication channels;
  • recording, archiving of information about GDS state, operator actions, alarms at the operator workstation with retrospection of not less than 30 days, keeping emergency archive at the controller equipment.

Example of the equipment and technological parameters current status display at the ACS TP control board screen

Example of the equipment and technological parameters emergency situations display at the ACS TP control board screen

Control functions:

  • automatic implementation of control algorithms of actuators;
  • remote control of shutoff valves and other technological objects from operation panel and (or) operator workstation in accordance with the regulations of GDS operation;
  • automatic protection control including automatic activation of reducing threads in case of failure of one of operating threads, deactivation of failed reducing threads;
  • automatic activation of emergency exhaust ventilation in case of gas contamination of premises.

Amount of input and output signals of ACS TP and, sensors type and measurement range is determined during equipment order and start and adjustment works at the object. Information transferred into the upper level and to the telemechanics system as well as way of information display at the operator’s automated working station are determined while ACS TP software being designed.

Functions of GDS operator workstation:

  • displaying at the monitor the symbolic circuits of valves binding and GDS process equipment as video frames performed on the basis of multi-level enclosure from general to specific;
  • visualization at the monitor of data from sensors and annunciators of GDS process equipment state, as well as information from local ACS in real time (gas heaters, etc.);
  • recording and archiving of information with the agreed retrospection depth about the state of GDS, state of process equipment, emergency and pre-emergency situations, operator actions (process equipment control, process parameters changing);
  • providing information on the monitor in the form of message and events logs, reports and trends to analyze the history of technological process;
  • generation of replacement registers in the form of hard copies on operator's request;
  • execution of calculation tasks in the volume and by the formulas submitted by customer;
  • execution of mechanism for users registration to prevent unauthorized control of GDS process equipment;
  • remote control of GDS process equipment;
  • abort of operator's commands (settings changing) when operating ACS GDS in automatic mode if they are not covered by control algorithms;
  • display and registration of gas flow rate on several metering units (instantaneous, daily, monthly consumption), changes in configuration parameters, including taking into account gas chemical composition.
Operator’s workstation Operator’s workstation Operator’s board main screen

ACS GDS User interface

The main screen shows the general process flow diagram of GDS equipment displaying the current status of equipment and process parameters. A separate area of screen is reserved for indication of emergency states such as "Crash," "Fire", "Security", etc. At the bottom of the screen there are navigation buttons that allow the user to navigate between the symbolic circuits and invoke settings configuration windows and other system parameters windows. Control of shutoff valves (pneumatic valves, solenoid valves) is carried out directly by equipment mnemonic symbols.

For access to the equipment user must enter their user name and password using the keypad. Being a multi-user management system, the system allows users to manage only with special permission and an appropriate level of access. The administration subsystem allows to use additional levels of access along with reserved system resolutions (control, acknowledgment of alarms, etc.), thus giving the opportunity to share users' access to the configuration of individual system parts. For example, you can share access rights to modify the parameters between the employees of service equipment and services metrology so that workers can only alter system settings that are relevant to their service.

Communication possibilities

ACS GDS information exchange with telemechanics control station via RS232/RS485 interface (ModBus RTU protocol).

ModBus RTU, ModBus TCP/IP, MPI (Siemens), ProfiBus DP, ProfiNet protocols are used for information exchange with upper-level and related systems.

ACS provides transferring of the 11 decoded alarm and constrained signals about GDS working state, 8 decoded analogue parameters and 4 remote control and signaling means service control signals.




Controlled parameters:

  • gas pressure and temperature at the input and output of GDS;
  • gas temperature after heater;
  • pressure differencial at gas purifying filters;
  • pressure differencial at gas meters;
  • gas pressure in reducing lines;
  • heat carrier temperature before and after heat exchanger;
  • limiting values of condensate level in the intermediate condensate drain tank;
  • limiting values of level in odorant storage and condensate drain tanks;
  • voltage, current and potential of cathodic protection station;
  • сommercial metering of gas supplшув to consumers;
  • gas metering for its own needs (boilers of gas preheating system, boilers of heating system);
  • concentration of combustible gases in GDS compartments;
  • concentration of carbon monoxide in boiler compartment;
  • position of all GDS valves;
  • gas heater state (operation mode/failure);
  • ventilation system state (on/off);
  • parameters from the control odorizer unit (the amount of information depends on the specific model of control unit).


Датчик перепада давления

Fiscal gas measurement:

For fiscal gas measurement our company integrates FloBoss 107 controller into GDS ACS system.
FLoBoss 107 controller is a new technological scheme of the GDS equipment with current equipment state and technological parameters. A separate area of the screen is meant for display alarm conditions such as "Crash", "Fire", "protection", etc. At the bottom of the screen navigation buttons are placed that allow the user to navigate between symbolic circuits and to call settings windows and other system parameters. The shut off valves control (pneumatic valves, solenoid valves) is done directly by equipment icons.
FloBoss 107 flow controller is a new technology platform for the family of FloBoss flow controllers, including modularity, flexibility, high performance and ease of use. Independantly of whether the flow controller to one or more streams or several or a plurality of Input / Output FloBoss controller solves all these problems. FloBoss 107 is the ideal solution for many applications related to the measurement of natural gas.
FloBoss 107 meets the requirements of the users flow controllers. You also get all the proven features such as complex calculations according to AGA standards, data archiving, extensive communications capabilities, cost-effective power consumption, performance of PID control, sequential control by programming the sequence table functions (Function Sequence Table, FST), as well as the possibility of operation at extreme temperatures.

FloBoss 107 controller

The base unit (left) includes a backplane slots for modules, ports and electrical connections for the module FloBoss 107. Block height 204 mm, width 153 mm, length 144 mm. Expander board (right) into the base unit and comprises a backplane and slots for additional modules (some dimensions correspond to the dimensions of basic block).

Main protective algorithms:

  • closure of inlet and outlet valves when exceeding gas pressure at the output above the established emergency limits for GDS;
  • closure of inlet, outlet valves and opening of plug valve, lockout of GDS units forced ventilation system in case of fire in compartments;
  • cutting off the gas heater (heat exchanger) and opening of the valve on the bypass line at the break in the heat exchanger tube bundle;
  • transfer to reserved reducing line;
  • stop of gas supply to the boilers when exceeding the maximum allowable value of gas pressure for its own needs, exceeding the concentration of combustible gas and carbon monoxide;
  • activation of forced ventilation system at exceeding concentration of combustible gases in GDS compartments.
Electrically-actuated valve Valve with pneumatic drive Artificial ventilation

For personnel safety during GDS maintenance works the system provides disactivation of automatic GDS protection algorithms and the prohibition of actuators control from the upper level.

Reliability and efficiency of automated control system is achieved by using components of the leading foreign and domestic manufacturers, galvanic isolation of controller inputs and outputs from primary sensors and actuators.


To accommodate cabinets ACS GDS and to organize optimal working conditions for maintenance staff, on individual order, we produce comfortable block-containers "Operator House", equipped with heating and air conditioning systems, allowing to maintain comfortable temperature conditions for equipment operation and maintenance staff.

There are possible options for the GDS of small, medium and large capacity manufacturing.

Metal doors with heat insulant Power backup (generator) Radiator in the generator skid Plastic windows Air-Conditioner