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Fuel, Starting and Pulse Gas Treating Station

TU 3689-002-55402257-2009
Operating permit № RRS 00-35424


Fuel, Starting and Pulse Gas Treating System FSPGTS is intended to supply compressor plants including gas turbine and gas-transfer aggregates, as well as power turbine plants with fuel, starting and pulse gas.

Basic functions of FSPGTS are:

  • gas purification from solids and liquid impurities;
  • gas flow measurement;
  • gas heating before reduction;
  • gas pressure reduction;
  • pulse gas treatment (gas dewatering);
  • automation of technology process.

FSPGTS is a monobloc unit or station consisting of several units. It is an equipment of dry-wall construction that provides for installation on the prepared foundation in the operating area.


  • Process unit,
  • Fiscal gas flow metering unit.

Process unit including heating system is a modular system of dry-wall construction with process devices placed inside the block-container.

Process unit consists of:

  • Gas purifying unit;
  • Gas heating unit;
  • Heat carrier treating unit;
  • Gas reducing unit for its own use;
  • Supervision cabinet.

Fiscal gas flow metering unit is designed on the basis of narrowing quick-detachable device with the use of computer "FloBoss". It is possible to use other gas flow metering complex depending on Customer’s request.

The key feature of the unit is a system of automatic control and maintaining of gas temperature at the outlet line, which works on principle of adjusting the volume of fluid passing through the heat exchanger, depending on gas temperature at the outlet and allows you to maintain it within the prescribed limits, regardless of change of the gas volume passing through the FSPGTS.

The final complete set and the number of units are determined by performance specification.

FSPGTS flowsheet is made ??with 100% redundancy of basic process equipment and it is equipped with shut-off valves with remote or automatic control of technological process. In case of emergency, FSPGTS process flowsheet enables to close inlet and outlet pipes and automatically reset the gas through the vent plug, thus ensuring a high protection degree of a whole gas-using complex.

FSPGTS is outfitted with gas concentration control system and fire alarms. All units have forced ventilation. Reducing unit and gas heating unit are heated by radiators with heat carrier supplied from the preheating system. On a Customer’s will it can be outfitted with automatic fire-extinguishing system.

Automatic control system of FSPGTS is made ??on the Siemens element base - Simatic controllers of S7-200 and S7-300-series.

ACS operator of FSPGTS performs the following functions:

  • remote control of shut-off valves and other process devices;
  • remote control of shut-off valves and other process devices;
  • control of unauthorized entry into FSPGTS;
  • gas contamination control in the premises of FSPGTS;
  • control of security and fire alarm system;
  • information display of equipment and technological process status on the operator panel;
  • automatic activation of exhaust fans and warning light-and-sound signaling system when exceeding allowable concentration of flammable gases;
  • automatic condensate discharge from filters into condensate collection tank;
  • automatic gas shutdown to the boilers when exceeding allowable concentration of flammable gases;
  • archiving of process information, reports preparation and printing;
  • transfer of process parameters, gas flow rate information and warning emergency signals to dispatcher point via the channels of dedicated line, telephone line, GSM, etc.


FSPGTS is intended for operation in regions of temperate and cold-temperate climate (UHL, NF), as well as in regions of cold climate (HL, F). Climatic design of FSGTS is chosen depending on construction area in accordance with requirements GOST 15150–69. FSPGTS can be operated in area of seismic activity up to 9 points according to SNiP P-7-81. Estimate snow load (200kgf/m2) should meet the requirements of V territorial district, and wind load (85kgf/m2) should meet the requirements of VII territorial district according to SNiP 2.01.07–85. If you are interested in our product we’re ready to provide more detailed information, as well as to develop and manufacture FSPGTS on individual order joining the equipment in your project of construction and reconstruction of Gas turbine power stations, State district power stations and Compressor stations.

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