Gas Flow Metering Cabinets GFMC

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ТU 4859-003-55402257-2009
Operating permit № RRS-04-11 000 356


Gas Flow Metering Cabinets are designed for fiscal or technological gas flow metering according to GOST 5542, gas purification from solids, gas parameters control (pressure, temperature, by agreement with customer — gas indexes: chemical composition, density, moisture and impurities concentration, specific combustion heat). GFMC are estimated for low pressure.


Gas Flow Metering Cabinets are operated in macroclimatic regions of temperate and cold-temperate climate (UHL, NF), as well as in regions of cold climate (HL, F).

GFMC are applied in gas distribution system with pressure up to 1.6 MPa.


Means of gas flow rate measuring is selected according to performance specification, taking into account specified gas flow rate and ranges of its measurement, pressure, range of gas temperature measurement, need of readings correction.

The following metering devices can be used as GFMC components: narrowing quick-detachable devices, turbine, rotary, ultrasonic, vortical meters. Chromatograph and calorimeter are installed if there's a need of gas parameters registration.

The GFMC structure supports filter that eliminates metering system damage, thus increasing product resource.

Gas Flow Metering Equipment placed in block-container can be outfitted with gas contamination control system, fire-burglar alarm system and automated control system of technological process ACS TP that provides remote transfer of information of metering parameters and alarm signals to the dispatcher panel through the channels of dedicated line, telephone line, GSM, etc.


- in the cabinet;
- on the frame.

The Gas Flow Metering Cabinet is an insulated metal cabinet with technological equipment for gas flow metering located therein. For maintenance ease cabinet has wing doors. For winter period heating there is a heater at the cabinet bottom and a chimney. Interior heating of cabinet is carried out due to heat transfer from the heated surface of the chimney. At the chimney there is a temperature sensor that provides heater disabling when chimney surface is overheated.

According to the technical project the Plant "Neftegazoborudovanie" can manufacture GFMU of any configuration and capacity. To select measuring complex and elaborate design considering all the requirements please fill out the questionnaire, submitted on our website.

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