Gas Treating Station

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Gas Treating Station

ТУ 4859-003-55402257–2009
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Gas Treating Station (hereinafter as GTS) is designed for purification, metering and uninterrupted supply of natural gas. It’s applied at the following gas facilities:

  • Gas turbine plants,
  • Combined cycle power plants,
  • Compressor stations,
  • as well as TPP, SDPP and other.

GTS structure:

  • gas purification unit;
  • unit for fiscal gas metering (according to performance specification - for gas parameters analysis);
  • automatic control system ACS TP and control and measuring instruments and automation.

The final kitting-up and quantity of units are defined by performance specification.

The GTS process devices provide high gas purification degree (2–5 microns), complete liquid removal, automatic condensate drain into tank, fiscal gas metering, applying ultrasonic four-path flow meters, measurement of natural gas quality parameters with the help of chromatographs and calorimeters. The process flowsheet of GTS is designed including 100% redundancy of main process equipment and outfitted with shutoff valves and providing remote automatic control of technological process. In case of emergency the GTS process flowsheet enables to shut inlet and outlet pipes and automatically discharge gas through vent plug thus ensuring high protection degree of the entire gas facility.

GTS is equipped with automatic fire-extinguishing system, gas contamination control system and fire alarm system. All process units have forced ventilation.

Automatic control system ACS TP GTS is produced on the basis of controllers Simatic S7-1200 and S7-300 of Siemens company.

ACS GTS performs the following functions:

  • remote control of shutoff valves and other process devices;  
  • control of unauthorized access to GTS;
  • gas contamination control in the GTS premises;
  • control of security and fire alarm systems;
  • display of information about equipment and process status on the operator panel;
  • automatic activation of exhaust fans and warning light and audible alarm when exceeding allowable concentration of combustible gases;
  • automatic condensate discharge from filters into condensate collection tank;
  • automatic stop of gas supply to the boilers when exceeding allowable concentrations of flammable gases;
  • archiving of process information, preparation and printing of reports and records;
  • transfer of process parameters, information of gas consumption and emergency alarms to dispatcher room via the channels of dedicated line, telephone line, GSM, etc.

In lead-in metering cabinet there is an uninterruptible power supply with gel battery that provides the ACS TP operation (in case of external power loss) for 48 hours. Information of external power loss, current charge level of batteries, power meter readings are sent via the ACS TP to the dispatcher point.


GTS is designed for operation in the regions of temperate and cold-temperate climate (UHL, NF) as well as in the regions of cold climate (HL, F). Climatic design of GTS is chosen taking into account the construction area according to requirements of GOST 15150–69. GTS can be operated in the regions of seismicity up to 8 points by SNiP P-7-81. Specified snow load (200 kgf/m2) is in accordance with the requirements of V territorail district, and wind load (85 kgf/m2) is in accordance with the requirements of VII territorial district by SNiP 2.01.07–85.

If you are interested, our company is ready to provide more detailed information as well as to develop and produce GTS by individual projects of construction or reconstruction of TPP and CS.

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