Pressure reduction unit PGB-50-2-1,2-OG-U1-PG (assigned for natural gas pressure reduction according to state standard GOST5542 from high, average to required, its automatic maintenance in the required range, automatic disconnection of gas supply in case of conductive to accident overdraft or reduction of outlet pressure of accepted values, gas purification from contaminations and outlet gas temperature maintenance not less than required values.
PGB assigned for applying in gas distribution and consuming systems.
Equipment designation:
Pressure reduction unit PGB-50-2-1,2-OG-U1-PG
Technical conditions TU 4859-003-55402257-2009 – pressure reduction block with gas regulator RDBK 1P-50/25, with 2 reduction pipelines, with maximum operating pressure 1,2 МPа, with gas heating equipment and climate construction U1, with gas heater, constructed according to technical conditions TU 4859-003-55402257-2009.
Main technical characteristics
The unit is assigned for open-air operating in macroclimate regions with temperate climate (U-type construction), placement category 1 according to GOST 15150.
Estimated snow load (180 kgforce/m2) corresponds requirments of III territory district, аnd wind load (30 kgforce/m2) – II territory district according to SNiP 2.01.07-85.
In the box with technological equipment explosion safety class is – В-1а, fire protection safety of the box is А.
In the box with heating system and ACS TP PGB fire protection safety is G.
Main parameters and characteristics of the unit should correspond the information that is noticed in Table 1.

Table 1

Parameters and characteristics designition


1 Maximum inlet pressure, МPа


2 Outlet pressure range, МPа

from 0,03 till 0,6

3 Capacity with inlet pressure 0,1МPа, m3 /hour, not less


4 Outlet pressure range, МPа

5 Pressure range for switching safety blow-off valve PSK, kPа

from 300 till 700

6 Switching settings for safety blow-off valve PSK, kPа

7 Switching setting range of shutoff valve PZK, МPа:

Outlet pressure reduction, МPа

Outlet pressure overdraft, МPа

from 0,003 till 0,03

from 0,03 till 0,75

8 Switching settings for shutoff valve PKZ, МPа



9 Maximum pressure difference at filter, kPа, not more


10 Voltage of the main electric supply, Volt


11 Voltage of emergency electric supply, Volt


12 Mass, not less, kg


13 Dimensions, not more (LxWxH), m


14 Block service life, years, not less


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