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4859-003-55402257–2009 SPECIFICATIONS
РРС-04-11 000 356 Equipment Use Permit




PGB-Series pressure reduction units are used in the systems of gas distribution and gas consumption in industrial, domestic and agricultural fields.


PGB-Series pressure reduction units can be run in macroclimatic areas with the moderate (N) and moderate-cold climate (NF), and also in areas with a cold climate (F). The modification of the heating unit depends on climatic operating conditions and can be determined subject to the area of construction following the requirements of 15150-69 State Standard. The permissible degree of seismicity in the areas where the unit can be run constitutes 9 points inclusive, following П-7-81 SNiP Building Specifications. The rated snow loading (200 kg-force/m2) should meet the requirements of area V, and wind loading (85 kg-force/m2) - area VII by 2.01.07-85 SNiP Building Specifications.

PGB-Series pressure reduction units with different flow capacity are used to ensure the fulfillment of the following functions:

  • to reduce (regulate) the high and middle pressure of natural gas (following 5542 State Standard) to the given low pressure and ensure its maintenance within the given range;
  • to clean gas from mechanical impurities;
  • to heat and automatically maintain the given outlet gas temperature at the outlet line of the unit in a cold season (following performance specification if required);
  • the metering of gas consumption supplied to consumers and used for process needs (supplied to boilers);
  • automatic shutoff of gas supply in case of emergency increase or decrease of outlet gas pressure and temperature;

Subject to performance specification different boxes (blocks) can serve as component parts of PGB-Series pressure reduction unit: a treating box (block), a pressure reduction box (block), a heating box (block), a gas flow metering box (block).

The heating box (block) enables to automatically maintain outlet gas temperature due to the application of a shell-and-tube heat exchanger. Gas is heated by a boiler with the help of intermediate heat medium. A temperature sensor ensures automatic regulation of gas temperature at the outlet of a heater. Shutoff valves are installed at the inlet and outlet of a heater which enables to protect heat carrier medium supply line from penetration of high pressure gas in case of heater matrix breakage.

PGB-Series pressure reduction unit can be equipped with a system of contamination control, a fire alarm system and a system of automatic control of unit work process.

The system of automatic control is based either on SIEMENS or on OVEN logic controller. The controller handles the work process receiving data from sensors, analyzing it and sending control signals to actuating devices.

ACS protection algorithms ensure high running safety disconnecting the pressure reduction unit in case of pressure rise/fall, fire, high content of combustible gases in boxes and if a heat exchanger matix breaks. One more system function is the maintenance of the given gas temperature (in case a heating box is available), which can be changed from operator's console installed on the door of a control cabinet. Also unit stop valves can be controlled manually from operator's console. The list of alarm signals is displayed on operator's console to trace the malfunction of unit equipment.

ACS has standby power supply meant for 3 hours of self-sufficient operation (72 hours on demand).

There is an additional opportunity to remotely transmit process data and alarm signals to operator's console. The following communication channels can be used to ensure remote transmission of signals:

  • GSM/GPRS channel;
  • radio channel;
  • telephone line.

The process equipment of PGB-Series pressure reduction unit is installed in a block container ensuring the protection from detrimental effects of climatic factors and from unauthorized access to the unit. The block container of PGB-Series pressure reduction unit is made of all-welded metal framework installed on a rigid frame from shape material. Fire-resistant mineral wool board based on basalt fiber is used as heat insulation material. Waterproofing and vapor sealing are provided. The inside walls and ceiling are finished by C8 dyed shaped plates fixed to the framework. Fire-resistant glass-magnesite plate is used to prevent the penetration of cold air into the box from the bottom. The outside walls of the units have metal sheathing. The roof is finished with MP-20 dyed shaped plate. The block container is divided into two rooms by a hermetic partition: the room with process equipment and the room where the heating and the automatic control systems are installed. Each room (chamber) has a separate entrance. The hermetic partition has a cable inlet and sealing modules for explosion-proof ROXTEC pipes.

Technical specifications of PGB-Series pressure reduction unit with operational and backup reduction lines.

Modification Regulator Inlet gas pressure, mega pascal Outlet gas pressure, kilo pascal Flow capacity, m3/h
PGB-01-2 RDNK-50 1,2 02.03.05 720
PGB-01P-2 RDNK-50P 03.05.05 720
PGB-01U-2 RDNK-U 02.05.09 800
PGB-400-2 RDNK-400 0,6 02.05.09 240
PGB-400М-2 RDNK-400М 480
PGB-07-2 RDNK-1000 720
PGB-03М1-2 RDSK-50М-1 1,2 01.10.40 624
PGB-ОЗМЗ-2 RDSK-50М-3 40-100 800
PGB-ОЗБМ-2 RDSK-50BМ 270-300 960
ПГБ-11N-2 RDP-50N 0,5-60 6032
PGB-11V-2 RDP-50V 60-600 6032
PGB-13N-2 RDG-50N 01.05.60 5496
PGB-13V-2 RDG-50V 60-600 5496
PGB-15N-2 RDG-80N 01.05.60 11680
PGB-15V-2 RDG-80V 60-600 11680
PGB-16N-2 RDG-150N 01.05.60 25600
PGB-16V-2 RDG-150V 60-600 25600
PGB-21N-2 RDP-100N 0,5-60 24080
PGB-21V-2 RDP-100V 60-600 24080
PGB-50-2 RDBK1-50 01.01.60 5200
PGB-50P-2 RDBK1P-50 30-600 5200
PGB-100-2 RDBK1-100 01.01.60 19907
PGB-100P-2 RDBK1P-100 30-600 19907
PGB-31-2 RDO-1-16/25 1-240 70-530 180-1050 2560
PGB-33-2 RDO-1-16/50 9520
PGB-35-2 RDO-1-16/100 33760
PGB-36-2 RDO-1-16/150 73440
PGB-37-2 RDO-1-16/200 115360

ZAVOD NEFTEGAZOBORUDOVANIE LTD. has an opportunity to manufacture different modifications of PGB-Series pressure reduction units: with two or more outlet lines, with different regulators (for middle and low pressure) and the models with considerable flow capacity (to 500.000 m3/h and more).

The development of PGB-37-5-1,2-OG-U1-SG with maximum flow capacity to 370.000 m3/h is considered to be promising.

It consists of the following boxes: a gas treating box, a flow metering box, a gas pressure reduction box, a box for heating of units (a boiler room), an instrumentation box with ACS and telemetry.

The gas treating box has 4 operational and 2 backup axial filters (FG-Series PN 16, DN 300). The automatic switching of operational filters to the backup ones is ensured. Condensate is automatically discharged to the condensate gathering tank.

The pressure reduction box has 3 operational and 2 backup reduction lines with RDO-1-16/200 regulators. The automatic switching of operational gas pressure reduction lines to the backup ones is ensured.

ACS enables to automatically control stop valves, supervise the operating procedure on the whole and transmit data to the Pipeline Control Station.

Technical specifications of PGB-37-5-1,2-OG-U1-SG

Regulator Inlet pipe diameter, mm Outlet pipe diameter, mm Inlet gas pressure, mega pascal (kg-force/cm2) Outlet gas pressure, mega pascal (kg-force/cm2) Maximum flow capacity, m3/h, not less
RDO-1-16/200 700 1000 1,2 (12) 0,18-1,05 (1,8-10,5) 370000

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