Dust Collector of Cyclone Type

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TU 3683-006-55402257-2010

Operating permit № RRS 00-043663


Dust Catcher of Cyclone Type is intended to purify natural and other gases from dry mechanical impurities and condensate moisture. DCCT is installed at main gas pipelines and process pipes.

DCCT is a vertical vessel with elliptic bottoms, inlet and outlet pipes based at the support. At the base of support there are holes for foundation bolts.


DCCT is operated outdoor. Purified gas enters the dust collector through the inlet pipe. At the entrance gas collides with the bump stop, as result of which large drops of liquid deposited on the surface of bump stop and flow into the upper condensate collection cavity.

Bump stop is placed at an angle to the inlet pipe, so the gas stream after contact with the bump comes along the periphery inside the vessel. The liquid condensing on walls, flows down into the upper condensate collection cavity. Upon reaching the upper limit, the condensate is discharged by excess pressure into condensate collecting tank through the drain fitting. Partially purified gas enters the cyclones operating in parallel. At the entrance to the cyclones there are vanes welded at an angle to the pipe that allows tightening gas stream. Under influence of centrifugal forces gas is cleaned from mechanical impurities and the rest of liquid droplet. Purification products accumulate in the lower body cavity.

Upon reaching the upper limit by opening the valve (included in package set), purification products dumped into condensate collecting tank. Purified gas is supplied through the outlet pipe to the main pipeline.

Parameters and specifications Value
Operating pressure, МPа 0,3-10,0
Operating agent Natural gas containing solids and fluid
(condensate, methanol, water)
Operating temperature of agent, 0С minus 10 - plus 50
Minimum temperature of wall, 0С minus (60-50)

Purification degree, %

solids up to 5 micrometers
solids up to 10 micrometers
solids up to 20 micrometers



Throughput capacity, m3/h 20000.....1000000
Body diameter according to GOST 9617-76, mm 1000...1400
Diameter of inlet and outlet pipes, mm 150,200,300,400
Wall thickness, mm calculated
Passage diameter of conic cyclone element, mm calculated
Quantity of conic cyclone elements, pcs. calculated
Climate design according to GOST 15150 U, HL
Allowable area seismicity by SNiP II-7-81, points 8
Service life, not less than, years 20
Tank group by GOST R 52630-2006 1


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