Gas purification units

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Technical conditions TU 3689-002-55402257-2009
Technical conditions TU 4859-003-55402257-2009
Equipment Use Permit № RRS 00-35424
Equipment Use Permit № RRS -04-11 000 356



Gas purification units (lower GPU) are produced at cyclone dust collector base PCT-series, separator base FS-series, or fine purification filters. GPU can be applied for gas purification from dry contaminations, condensed moisture, and condensate separation with further blow-off to the condensate keeping reservoir. GPU are used at compressor stations, gas-main pipeline, purification and gas preparation block at automatic gas pressure reducing and metering stations GPRMS, compressor plants and gas preparation cabinets for gas turbine power plant at heat stations and state region power plant SRPP.

External conditions

GPU assigned for macroclimate districts with temperate, cold-temperate, and frigid climate.

Gas purification units are produced at cyclone dust collector base PCT-series.

GPU consists from cyclone dust collector with shutoff valves binding and measurement control devise sensors, placed on carriage frame. It allows carry GPU by all modes of transport.

Shutoff valves binding might be constructed with manually-controlled valves or with pneumatic or electric drive in explosion-proof implementation to be able with remote control of GPU.

Cyclone dust collector is constructed as cyclone vessel with elliptic bottom, according to «Regulations of construction and safe operating with pressurized equipment» PB 03-576-03 with built-in paraclones.

PCT collector contains 2 main sections:

  • Input and gas purification section;
  • Trapped condensate and contamination collection section.

Input and gas purification section consists from inlet pipe branch, placed in interim filter section, and paraclones, still fixed at lower. Radial clearance is equipped by swirling blade device in screw form (has 2 blades on-the-mitre 25°).

Condensate and contamination collection section, placed in the bottom of PCT collector, is heated by coil heater in lower temperature. Drain pipe and flow nipple are fitted into the lower bottom part. The section is equipped with level sensors flow nipples for control and managing. Condensate blow-off is going by gravity flow to the condensate collection reservoir after reaching the highest level of the section. Condensate trapped gas comes back to the pipeline through the balance line.

In the highest part of PCT there are outlet nipple, thermometer and pressure gauge fittings.

PCT inlet and outlet nipples completed with fitting for differential pressure gauge. For internal examination and periodical cleaning there is an inspection hole in the bottom.

GPU based on PCT engineered and fabricated individually according to customer requirements specification and questionnaires with dust catcher diameter notification (700 mm-1400 mm), and fitting diameter and cyclone number, required for fine gas purification with reservation registration.

Gas purification unit based on filter-separator FS

Assigned for:

  • Unaggressive gas purification, natural gas from spray and condensed moisture, oils, and other impurities by mechanical way;
  • Protection from premature deterioration and breakdown of gas pressure reduction and metering stations, gas metering section (GMS), compressor stations fuel gas metering posts, gas pressure regulators on reduction units;
  • Gas flow meters, gas pressure regulators, sensors and automation control and managing devices, and other GPRMS, CS, GPRMC, underground gas keeping equipment protection. These units and equipment suffers from environmental impurities.
Approximate block mass 950 kg.
Condensate blowoff line can be replaced in different direction according to customer requirments.

Узел очистки газа на базе фильтров-сепараторов

Operation description

Gas flows from gas pipeline to input of the purification unit, that consists from 2 upright filters-separators (general and emergency) Moisture separation goes by gas flow twisting and abrupt changing of flow direction, and moisture separation by fine brass mesh. At the filter-separator top there is a flanged reel that contains filtering changeable cartridge. Changing and used elements purification goes by dedicated removable cover of the filter-separator. Mesh impurity level is defined by input/outlet pressure differential. Moisture is collected in the bottom of filter-separator and automatically self-flowing blow-off to the interim condensate reservoir, placed on carriage frame of gas purification block units. Displaced by condensate from interim vessel gas flows to the pressurized gas pipeline. Maximum condensate level to interim vessel is defined by high level sensor that signal for pneumatic faucet opening/close, blowing-off condensate to the keeping reservoir.

Pressure differential provides effective condensate blow-off from the interim vessel to the condensate keeping reservoir. As soon as high level of condensate keeping reservoir is reached the high level sensor signals and transfer this signal to the control unit.

For uninterrupted operating filter should be changed from active to emergency. It may be necessary to open faucets at provisionally non-working filter during maintenance work.

Fine gas purification block based on filter-separator FS-type and cassette axial filters FG-type and provides high purification level (2-5mkm) with fully separation of moisture fractions. Filters are bundled by fitting with pneumatic drive and explosion - protected form with manual control possibility (or faucets with pneumatic drive). Operation start is remotely controlled from ACS TP. Multiuse cartridges are with purification possibility. Filter are equipped by level sensors and automatic condensate blow-off to the condensate keeping reservoir through the interim vessel. Filters work with 2 operating scheme – one is emergency.

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