Mini-high pressure reducing and metering station (MINI-AGRS)



Отсек одоризации Узел замера расхода газа Узел подогрева газа Узел редуцирования

The High gas pressure reduction and metering station has a block-type design. The block box consists of a block container and the process equipment installed (the switch and cleaning (treating) boxes, hydrate formation prevention boxes, pressure reduction boxes, gas flow metering and odorization boxes). There are two chambers in a block-box: the technological one with process equipment and hydrate build-up preventing skid and the boiler-house with heat-carrier heating chamber.

The block-box is equipped with the systems of automatic control, power supply, communications, telemechanics, heating and ventilation. In a technological chamber there is a place for installation of an odorizing device which is separated from the main unit by gas-impermeable walls. The odorizing device can be reached from outside.
The block container has an all-welded frame thermoinsulated by mineral wool board based on basalt fiber. The external walls have a metal sheathing. The internal walls are finished by molding.
The equipment and pipelines in the chambers are fastened to the frame and to its elements. The partitions between chambers as well as the seals of pipe and cable wiring are tight. The block container has a single metal frame and a reinforced metal framework.

Fire resistance rating is not lower than II according to the TU 5363-008-55402257-2011 standard. Nominal snow load is 240 kgf/m2 meets the requirements of IV territory region and wind load of 38 kgf/m2 meets the requirements of III territory region according to the SniP 2.01.07-85 standard.


Technical specifications

Inlet gas pressure (Рinlet)

Outlet gas pressure (Рoutlet)

The estimated flow of the station at the following pressure rage Pinlet = 2,2 kgf/сm2 and Poutlet= 0,6 kgf/сm2 (in case gas temperature constitutes 00C)

Inlet diameter, mm at Pinlet 2,2 MPa (in case gas temperature constitutes 00C)

Inlet diameter, mm at Poutlet 0,6 MPa (in case gas temperature constitutes 00C)

Reservation by the flow of the reduction system

The accuracy of outlet gas pressure maintenance


Alarm signaling

Power supply Power consumption, kilowatt

The quantity of possible lines to consumers

Overall block dimensions, m

Station weight does not exceed 12 tons


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