AGRS - 20 High Pressure Reducing and Metering Station

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High gas pressure reduction and metering station is used to reduce the high pressure of natural or associated petroleum gas to the given low pressure and ensure its maintenance with required accuracy. It is also used for gas flow metering and gas odorization before its delivery to a consumer.

Main technical specifications of AGRS – 20
Inlet gas pressure (Рinlet) 1,2-7,5 mega pascal (up to 10,0 mega pascal)
Outlet gas pressure (Рoutlet) 0,3-1,2 mega pascal
The estimated flow of the station at the following pressure rage Pinlet = 2,2 kg-force/сm2 and Poutlet = 0,6 kg-force/сm2 (in case gas temperature constitutes 00C) 20950 m3/ hour;

Inlet diameter, mm at Pinlet 2,2 mega pascal (in case gas temperature constitutes 00C)

Inlet diameter, mm at Poutlet 0,6 mega pascal (in case gas temperature constitutes 00C)




Reservation by the flow of the reduction system 100% backup;
The accuracy of outlet gas pressure maintenance ± 5%
Odorization Automatic
Alarm signaling remote transmission of general alarm signal
Power supply Power consumption, kilowatt 380V To 5,0
The quantity of possible lines to consumers One (more – on demand);
Overall block dimensions, m
Instrumentation unit (Operator’s house) 5,0x3,0x3,0 м
The Switch Unit 5,0x3,0x3,0 м
The Process Unit 7,0x3,0x3,0 м
Gas Heating Unit 6,0x3,0x3,0 м
Station weight does not exceed 30 tons

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