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AGDS «Goluboye Plamya»

ТU 3689-002-55402257-2009
Operation permit № RRS 00-046130

AGDS "Goluboye Plamya" manufactured by our enterprise is included in the register of equipment and materials technical conditions of which meet the requirements of Gazprom JSC.


Automated Gas Distribution System is designed for reducing high pressure of natural gas and associated petroleum gas to specified low pressure and its maintaining of a required accuracy, as well as for gas heating, purifying, measurement and odorization before supplying to consumers. AGDS is reliable in operation process, it has the required redundancy of main technological process, up-to-date automatic control system  GDS ACS.

AGDS is a high-tech product that enables to replace outdated GDS and to construct new gas supplying facilities saving costs and time on assembly, installation and comissioning. 

The range of products are constantly being upgraded taking into account the comments and suggestions of operating organizations experts. GDS modular construction provides maximal correspodance to customer requirements for structure and design. 


AGDS is intended for operation in regions of temperate and cold-temperate climate (UHL, NF), as well as in regions of cold climate (HL, F). Climatic design of AGDS is chosen depending on construction area in accordance with requirements GOST 15150–69. AGDS can be operated in area of seismic activity up to 9 points according to SNiP P-7-81. Estimate snow load (200kgf/m2) should meet the requirements of V territorial district, and wind load (85kgf/m2) should meet the requirements of VII territorial district according to SNiP 2.01.07–85.


All devices are placed in block-containers of standard and north designBlock-containers are made on the bearer metal frame in the form of framing construction, roof and walls of which are trimmed inside and outside with metal sheets with insulating material between them. Block-containers have a natural influx-and-extract ventilation and exhaust ventilation activated when gas contamination sensor goes off, as well as intrusion alarm system.

The block-containers are heated with hot water two-tube system that gets heat from boilers placed inside gas heating unit, or electrical (according to customer request). Dimensions of block-containers allow transportation by vehicle, rail, river and sea transport.

Автоматизированные газораспределительные станцииАвтоматизированные газораспределительные станцииАвтоматизированные газораспределительные станции

Zavod Neftegazoborudovaniye Ltd. manufactures automated gas distribution stations of different efficiency according to project specification both of single-unit and multi-unit construction type. 

Моноблочные автоматизированные газораспределительные станцииМногоблочные автоматизированные газораспределительные станции

AGDS functions:

  • gas purification from condensate moisture and mechanical impurities with automatic condancate drain; 
  • gas heating before reduction and maintenance of specified temperature to  increase reliability of equipment;
  • reduction of gas high pressure to specified low one and its maintenance of a required accuracy when changing input pressure or gas flow rate;  
  • gas flow measurement with numerous data registration per day and data transfer to the level of gas distributed organisation; 
  • gas odorization;
  • automatic control of operating modes of process devices including restriction of gas supply according to requirements of gas distributed organisation;
  • audible and visual alert in case of emergency, as well as failure of signal transfer to remote controller or operator. 


{slide=Gas switching and odorization unit}

Switching and odorization unit of block-type design Switching and odorization unit at the metal frame under canopy


– GDS disconnection from gas lateral pipeline and outlet pipelines;

– иchanging of high pressure gas direction to the bypass line. The bypass line is outfitted (along gas stream) with manual or driven valve and hand-driven or electrically driven wedge gate. Gas supply by bypass line can be carried out both in manual and automatic mode via ACS GDS; 
– consumer protection from excessive pressure;
– automatic gas odorization.

Switching and odorization unit contains the following process devices: 

– switch unit;
– automatic gas odorization unit;
– unit of safety valves;
– bypass line;
– unit of gas pressure reduction for its own use;
– pulse gas treatment unit for pneumatically driven valves on the basis of filters-dryers;
– instumentation.

The unit delivery package includes insulating joints located at inlet and outlet pipelines. 

{slide=Gas heating unit}

Gas heating unit contains:

Standard design of gas heating unit with heat carrier treatment compartment

Узел подогрева газа предназначен для подогрева газа  на выходе из АГРС до заданной температуры. В качестве подогревателей применяются теплообменные аппараты с U образным трубным пучком. Подогрев осуществляется промежуточным теплоносителем. Система подвода/отвода теплоносителя защищена предохранительными отсечными клапанами, которые защищают систему от повышения давления в случае прорыва трубного пучка.

Узел подготовки теплоносителя служит для подогрева теплоносителя, обеспечивая его циркуляцию, поддержание требуемого избыточного давления и регулирование расхода.

{slide=Process unit}

Process unit standard design

Состав технологических узлов и блоков:

Узел очистки газа, имеющий рабочий и резервный фильтры с общим накопителем, из которого, при достижении верхнего уровня, автоматически производится сброс продуктов очистки в емкость сбора хранения и выдачи конденсата. Степень загрязнения фильтров определяется датчиком перепада давления. Для очистки газа от механических примесей и капельной влаги используются как фильтры очистки газа типа ФС, так и ПЦТ (пылеуловитель циклонного типа);

Узел учета расхода газа. В зависимости от метода измерения и конфигурации узла могут использоваться различные измерительные устройства: турбинные, вихревые, ультразвуковые или ротационные счетчики. При измерении расхода газа с  помощью сужающих устройств, узел учета в состав блока технологического не входит, а изготавливается отдельно в блочном  исполнении или на раме с навесом или без него. Учет расхода газа может производиться как по высокой стороне (до редуцирования), так и по низкой (после редуцирования).

Узел редуцирования, имеющий две линии редуцирования, основную и резервную, со 100% пропускной способностью. При необходимости ограничения расхода газа в узле редуцирования устанавливается кран-регулятор с электроприводом или/и с ручным приводом, позволяющий дистанционно (по команде из диспетчерского пункта управления эксплуатирующей организации) ограничивать расход газа потребителю. Используемые регуляторы давления автоматически поддерживают давление с точностью ±5% независимо от колебания давления на входе и расхода газа потребителем. При отклонении рабочих параметров за допустимые пределы резервная линия редуцирования включается в работу автоматически. В узле редуцирования при необходимости предусматривается линия малых расходов для работы в начальный период эксплуатации АГРС.

Узел очистки на базе фс
Dust catcher of cyclone type  Filter-separator Gas pressure reduction unit
Узел учета расзода газа
Gas flow metering unit at frame under canopy 

{slide=Instumentation unit «Operator's House» with GDS ACS}

Instrumentation unit “Operator's House” Operator's АWP Process control cabinet

"Workshop" compartment with heating Generator Wind porch


– automatic control of operating modes of station's process devices;
– implementation of control, measurement and signaling functions; 
– coordination of interaction between local automation systems;
– emergency protection in case of fire;
– emergency protection at excess of output pressure;
– emergency protection at excess or decrease of  gas odorization level relating to nominal value;

– emergency activation of ventilation at gas concentration excess;  
– alarm signals transfer to operator and dispatcher of operating organization in case of violations of AGDS operating modes.

GDS ACS carries out data exchange with dispatcher point of operating organization via telemechanic channel. The way of integrating GDS ACS in telemechanic system is determined at the stage of AGDS designing according to customer specifications.

{slide=Examples of implemented projects}

AGDS of 30 000 nm3/h, Chistopol, the Republic of Tatarstan

AGDS of 10 000 nm3/h, s. Karatobae, West Kazakhstan region

AGDS of 5 000 nm3/h, s. Algabas, West Kazakhstan region 

AGDS of 30 000 nm3/h, s. Urengoi, Yamal-Nenetsky Autonomous District

AGDS of 30 000 nm3/h, s. Sredneye Averkino, Samara region

AGDS of 10 000 nm3/h, s. Tamdy, Aktubinsk region



  • high level of automation on the basis of its own modern AGDS control cabinet;
  •  optimal selection of gas heaters within dimension types produced by the plant; 
  • placement of AGDS equipment in insulated block-boxes, outfitted with heating, lighting systems and ventilation, as well as with removable roof (for repairs);
  •  possibility of delivering separate units  for independant operation or repair of existing AGDS;
  • convenient arrangement of process equipment inside the station, providing easy access for maintenance, repair works;
  • station presentation to the customer before dispatching to operation place, which allows the plant engineers to resolve customer comments at once and take into account his additional requests;
  • obligatory factory acceptance testing;
  • long operating life - up to 30 years, 3 years of warranty;
  • provision of additional services for contract supervision, commissioning and regime adjustment of equipment, as well as after-sales service in case of AGDS delivering under direct contracts.