Gas metering station (GMS)

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Gas metering station (GMS) is used for continuous automated measurement of gas flowrate passing through sensing pipeline. GMS evaluates gas quantitative and qualitative composition.

Measurement techniques:

  • Method of variable-pressure drop indication at constriction devices. To this purpose rate of gas flow meter with pressure differential transducers and temperature sensor is put on every sensing line.
  • Ultrasonic method. The method is based on the acoustical vibration shifting phenomenon. Ultrasonic flow meter measures gas flowrate.

For commercial recording of gas consumption natural gas is reduced to standard conditions using flow corrector at customer’s option: Floboss 107, SuperFlow, ERZ 2004, etc. Absolute and differential pressure and gas temperature measurement is fulfilled by sensitive elements.

GMS encloses following sections, units and systems:

Meter run unit (MRU)

Meter run unit (MRU) that includes:

  • Above ground and underground collectors;
  • Flow transducers, principal and backup (Ultrasonic flow transducers(UFT) and quick-change constriction devices (QCD ));
  • Gas flow control system (option);
  • Meter runs (operating and backup) with straight sections set immediately before and after flow transducers;
  • Stop valves with electropneumatic and electric actuators;
  • Accessories and boosters (flow straighteners, sampling probe, control instrumentation, gang of heated connecting pipelines).

Instrument block-box
Instrument block-box encloses on-stream gas chromatography recorders, water and hydrocarbon dew point analyzers and gas discharge-metering computer complex pressure transformers.

Automatic control system (ACS)

ACS is meant for gas metering station automatic checkout and control
GMS ACS encloses the following cabinets: Fire and Gas alarm (F&G), emergency shutdown (ESD), SCS, measuring cabinet, RTU, and other accessory cabinets and terminal boxes.

Fuel, Starting and Pulse Gas Treating System (FSPGTS)

According to the technical design assignment FSPGTS may be a part of GMS.
FSPGTS is used for preliminary gas preparation (filtration, metering, dehydration, reducing, and operating characteristics stabilization).

FSPGTS is a single block which encloses block-container and processing facilities (purification units, heating units, reducing units, gas flow metering units).

The block has two rooms: process unit with processing facilities and hydrate build-up preventing skid and a boiler house enclosing boilers for heat-carrier heating, automatic control systems, electric power supply, communication, telemechanics, heating and ventilation systems.

Gas purifying unit
Gas purifying unit is a complex of equipment for efficient gas purification. The equipment encloses Dust Catchers of Cyclone Type that remove solid particles up to 10 mcm and water from gas. As an addition filters-separators can be installed that increase efficiency of gas cleaning up to 5 mcm.

In the Gas purifying unit condensate discharge into condensate tank is provided. Pressure differential transducers monitor pollution of filters-separators and dust catchers of cyclone type.

Gas purifying unit FS


Modular power stations (MPS)

According to the technical design assignment FSPGTS may be a part of GMS.
MPS is intended for for supply with power, produced by gas piston engines or microturbines in process of gas or liquid fuel flaring (in case of microturbines operating on gas or liquid fuel) and for thermal energy supply (heating system, hot water supply, conditioning, refrigerating equipment) at the expense of various objects placed far from steady-state grids burnt gas salvaging or objects, operating stand-alone, or objects demanding low power electric and thermal energy.

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