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Technical data and characteristics
Gas Heating Plant GHP is intended for operation in regions of temperate and cold-temperate climate (UHL, NF), as well as in regions of cold climate (HL, F). Climatic design of GHP is chosen depending on the construction area, according to requirements GOST 15150–69. GHP can be operated in regions of seismic activity up to 9 points according to SNiP P-7-81. Estimated snow load (240 kgs/m2) is in accordance with requirements V of territorial district, and wind load (85kgs/m2) is in accordance with requirements VII of territorial district by SHiP 2.01.07–85.

  • gas heating compartment – А;
  • heat carrier treating compartment – G.

Fire resistance degree of Plant is in accordance to SNiP 21-01-97 – II.
The main technical characteristics of GHP are shown in table 1.

Table 1

Parameters and specifications Value
Maximum gas pressure at the input, МPа 5,4
Test gas pressure, МPа 8,1
Minimum gas pressure at the input, МPа 2,6
Maximum throughput capacity, nm3 /h 30000
Minimum throughput capacity, nm3 /h 1100
Gas temperature at the input, 0С -1… 10
Gas temperature at the output, 0С 40
Environment temperature, 0С -43… 39
Overhaul life, not less than, hours 175200
Power voltage, V 220
Allowable seismic activity in region of installation, points on Richter scale 7
Overall dimensions (length×width×height), m: 7х3х3,17
Mass, not more than, kg 12000
Service life, years, not less than 30
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