BAOG - Automatic Gas Odorization Unit GOLUBOE PLAMYA

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Technical Conditions TU 3689-002-55402257-2009
Equipment Use Permit № RRS 00-35424


BAOG - Automatic gas odorization unit assigned for odorant (ethyl mercaptan) dosed supply and flow meter to the natural gas flow before customer receiving, that can hold automatically or manually.

Gas odorisation block BAOG-series

Gas odorisation block BAOG-series with pipe (in connection with definite object)

External environment

BAOG assigned for macroclimat districts with temperate, cold-temperate, and frigid climate.

BAOG consists from the wide range of elements:

  1. Service reservoir
  2. Metering cabinet for level gauging and odorant feed control composed of:
    • Level sensor
    • Electromagnetic measuring valve
    • Electromagnetic charging valve
  3. Level indicator equipped with measuring bar
  4. Level alarm SU-60
  5. Gas ejector
  6. Manometer
  7. Gas reducer
  8. Binding fitting odorant dose cabinet
  9. Control unit BU-102M

BAOG works in 3 operating modes: automatic, semi-automatic or manual.

Control unit BU-102M is placed in the Operator Room and assigned for managing BAOG

Odorant control unit displays:

  • -Current odorant consumption, g/h
  • -Current day and day-before odorant consumption, kg/day
  • -Current month and month-before odorant consumption, kg/day


Manual input of active odorant density can also be used.

Control unit BU control odorizer equipment statement and in case of trouble-shooting signal for higher level control “GAS ODORISER TROUBLE”. Signal type is Dry Contact.

1. Automatic Operating Mode

Automatic dose operating mode works through the measuring valve (EKD). Automatic input of gas consumption value conducted according to the following scheme: signal comes through the BU-control unit in the automatic mode and can be transferred in 3 forms:

  • Current signal with 4-20 mA. Minimum Automatic Gas Reduction and Metering Station capacity corresponds to 4mA. Rating( maximum) value corresponds to 20mA. Minimum and rating values inputs in BU memory of each GRMS.
  • Gas consumption value in channel “MOTBUS”
  • Impulse signal of consumption meter SuperFlow with the gas consumption value input assuming to the impulse



Technical Features:

1 Operating pressure, Mpa (kgs/sm3) 0,3-1,2 (3-12)
2 Range of odorized gas capacity, nm3/h min. 10 max. 200.000
3 Flowing gas consumption of unit control BU-102M, mA 4 20
4 Geometrical volume of service reservoir, litre 84,2 /173,2 / 251,7
5 Rating gas consumption g/thousand nm gas 16
6 Metering accuracy, %, not more 5
7 Supply voltage, W 24
8 Power consumption, V* 45 60
9 Dimensions, mm**
- hight
- weight
- depth

10 Mass, kg, not more 650

* without electric heating and lighting
** for perfomance in range from 10 to 50000 nm3/h, with electric heating

Automatic gas odorization units with the 200nm3/h capacity are produced individually under questionnaires.

2.Semi-automatic operating mode

Semi-automatic operating mode works through measuring valve with manual input of gas consumption value. An operator establishes gas consumption value manually for recognizing odorant volume. The operator determines rating gas consumption at the external device for gas consumption metering and registers this value from the keyboard t o the BU-control unit (function “MANUALLY CONSUMPTION” in the menu).Switching speeds of the electromagnetic measuring valve and volumetric capacity are formed according to the signal force. A minimum time interval corresponds to the maximum GPRMS gas capacity setting in the BU-control unit.

3.Manual operating mode

Manual operating mode of dosing works through the faucet. This mode is considered as warning mode and switched on in case of automatic system failure.

Costructive types

  1. Cabinet type

    • It can be made in two modifications assuming to the climate zone:
    • without heating;
    • with heating function, based on water heating from the external source or electric heating in dust-ignition-proof construction.

    Automatic gas odorization unit can be complete with internal lighting fitting in dust-ignition-proof construction and illegal entry.

  2. Separate block type

    Fire-burglar announciator, automatic forced ventilation system, and contamination control sensor can be installed in block type mode. Heating is based on water from the external source or electricity in dust-ignition-proof construction.
Manual operating mode of dosing works through the faucet. This mode is considered as warning mode and switched on in case of automatic system failure.

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