Modular Power Station (MPS)

Intended use

Modular Power Station (MPS) is designed for electricity supply, generated with gas piston engines or microturbines during the process of gas or oil fuel combustion (if there are gas and oil fuel operated microturbines), and thermal energy provision (heating, hot water supply, conditioning, cooling facilities) by utilization of exhaust gases energy of various objects located far from station grids and operated off-line or required low electrical and thermal power energy.

Field of application

  • installation on the production and processing oil and gas fields for its power and heat supply;
  • installation on the main and lead oil and gas pipelines and on their branching at the sites of power supply lack for control and monitoring equipment, cathodic protection, etc., as well as for control and monitoring station heat supply;
  • installation in locations remote from traditional energy resources for electric and heating energy supply of enterprises and facilities, log villages, micropolitans, separate buildings and residential buildings;
  • installation in towns and villages for power and heat supply of separate industry facilities, group of municipal and residential buildings, sports and recreation centers, educational institutions, hospitals and separate buildings, in case of station grids availability.

MPS could be used as:

  • the main source of electrical and thermal energy in stand-alone operating mode;
  • separate power grid, which is created with several MPS clusters that has unified control system;
  • resources, operating simultaneously with station grids equipped with integrated control system.

The MPS key feature at all variants of its applications is the possibility to integrate its control system into upper-level of telemetry system, which allows to apply a real-time control of process parameters and MPS operating mode and carry out its diagnosis or change it. During operation MPS control system form archival data of the parameters, process errors, emergencies, operating time etc.

Design variants:

Depending on the required power and purpose, MPS can be made on basis of various motor-generators:

  • Japanese company YANMAR cogeneration plants (CHP) with electric power of 5, 10 and 25 kW;
  • Gas and oil (kerosene, diesel) fuel operated microturbines Capstone (MT) of 30, 65 and 200 kW electric power range;
  • Gas microturbines Calnetix with electric power of 100 kW.

Each MPS is placed in heat-insulated soundproof metal block container (containers) divided into functional compartments. At the customer's request MPS can be completed with redundant electro- thermal power source as well as additional equipment: equipment for cathodic protection (CP) of pipelines and underground metal structures, telemetry and communication systems, etc.

MPS encloses:

  • block container (containers) with required process systems divided into functional compartments;
  • equipment and control compartment including power cabinets, control cabinets, telemetry and communication equipment as well as cathodic protection equipment (if ordered);
  • process compartment with primary power source;
  • process compartment with redundant power source (if redundancy required).

Basic systems, providing MPS operation:

  • monitor and control system;
  • telemetry and communication system;
  • primary and emergency lighting system;
  • heating system (cogeneration mode usage);
  • environmental control and ventilation system;
  • security and fire alarm system;
  • gas contamination control system;
  • automatic fire-fighting system (if required).

MPS advantages:

  • compactness, ease of installation and operation startup (MPS is supplied with complete package) without additional charges;
  • low cost during the operation;
  • wide range of gas fuel according to the chemistry and heat value;
  • high reliability in operation, high motor potential, longtime proof interval;
  • combined heat and power— cogeneration;
  • reliable off-line power and heat supply;
  • possibility of simultaneous operation with station grids;
  • ability to create required power clusters with unified control system; automation highness, the possibility to integrate its control system into higher-level of telemetry system with a real-time remote control;
  • independence from constantly rising tariffs for centralized grids electric and heating energy;
  • good environmental performance: minimal atmospheric emission level;
  • low noise and vibrations level.

Operation conditions according to State Standard 15150-69 are:

  • inside territory with moderate climate from -40° Cup to 50° С;
  • inside territory with boreal climate from -60°C up to 45 °С.

MPS is used in block-containers with IР54 dust and water protection rate. MPS automatic control systems (ACS) have a way for connection with telemetry system RS485, which has Modbus RTU communications protocol.


Parameters Metric unit Generator models
Cogeneration plants YANMAR Microturbines Capstone Microturbines Calnetix
Electric power kW 5 10 25 30 65 200 100
Electricity efficiency % 29 31,5 33,5 26±2 29±2 33±2 30±1
Total efficiency (with heat utilization) % 85 80-90 66-90 >75
3 phases output voltage V 220 380 380-480 400/230
Fusing current in phase A 25 49,5 34,9 46 100 275-290 200
Fuel type Natural gas/propane Gas/ kerosene, diesel fuel Gas/diesel fuel Gas
Operating output pressure bar 0,01-0,025/ 0,02-0,033 0.35-1.05 0.02-1.05 0,034-0,0345
Gas fuel-consumption rate at nominal load nm3/ hour 1,8 3,3 7,8 12 23 65 34
Exhaust fumes maximum temperature оС 450 275 309 280 293
Emission at 15% О2 in exhaust <500 ppmV NOx <7,5% CO2 <9 ppmV NOx <40 ppm V CO <24ppmV NOx <25 ppm V CO
Noise level at a distance of 10 meters dB <51 <54 <62 58 70 65 <62
Generator rated revolution rpm 2000 1700 3000 96000 60000 68000
OH Limit hour 30000 60000 40000
Assigned lifetime hour 180000* 180000** 120000**
Generator length mm 1100 1845 2150 1516 1956 3660 310
Generator weight Stand-alone kg 410 840 1375 478 758 3180 1860
Simultaneously with power grid 651 1121 3640 2040
Micro CHP block-container length without redundant source mm 10000 6000 7500 7000

* For MPS as a part of cluster which includes three CP YANMAR with redundancy (1 1 1). 
** Durability that is declared by manufacturing companies. 
& MPS on basis of CP YANMAR – cluster which consists of three CP; MPS on basis of МТ – without redundancy.

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