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Modular Boiler Plant (hereinafter as MBP) is intended to heat water that used as heat carrier in heating systems,  hot water supply system in social and industry premises.
MBP is a modular equipment with technical devices inside.
MBP type is a structural addition.
MBP is operated outdoor in macroclimatic regions of warm temperate climate design TU, location category 1 according to GOST 15150-69.
Minimal air temperature in region of operation s minus 25ºС, maximal is plus 45ºС.
Estimated snow load is 1.2 кPа (120 kgs/m2) according to requirements II of territorial district, and wind load is 0.48 кPа (480 kgs/m2) according to requirements IV of territorial district by SNiP 2.01.07-85.
Fire hazard category of MPB is in accordance with NPB-105-03−Г.
Fire resistance of MBP according to SNiP 2.01.02-85 is IIIа.
Type of fire separation is 2.
Seismicity in region of construction is 9-8 points.
MBP should be operated in closed heat supply system. The quality of the network and feed water must be consistent with the GOST 2874-73 Drinking Water.

The main technical characteristics of MBP are shown in the table.

Useful heat power, kW306
Сoefficient of efficiency, %92
Maximum operating temperature of water at the output from boiler, оС90
Calculated water temperature schedule in heating system of MBP, оС85÷60
Gas flow rate, m3/h35,4
Operating water pressure in heating system, MPa (kg/cm2), not more than0,3 (3,0)
Efficiency of hot water supply system, kWby order
Setting range of thermal capacity relative to nominal value,%60÷100
Gas pressure at the input before boilers in MBP, kPa3
Main power voltage, V380
FuelNatural gas, liquefied gas
Chimneyby order
Overall dimensions (length х width х height), m:7,9 х 2,75 х 3,04
Mass, kg, not more than10 000
Service life, years, not more than10

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