Modular Boiler Plant “Goluboe plamya”


Modular Boiler Plant (hereinafter as MBP) is intended to heat water that used as heat carrier in heating systems, hot water supply systems in social and industry premises.
MBP is a modular equipment with technical devices inside.

The main technical characteristics of MBP-1200 are shown in the table.

Parameter Value
Useful heat power, kW 1279
Сoefficient of efficiency, % 92
Maximum operating temperature of water at the output from boiler, оС 90
Calculated water temperature schedule in MBP heating system, оС 85÷60
Gas flow rate, m3/h 135,8
Operating water pressure in heating system, MPa (kg/cm2), not more than 0,3 (3,0)
Efficiency of hot water supply system, kW by order
Setting range of thermal capacity
relative to nominal value,%
Gas pressure at the input before boilers in MBP, kPa 3
Main power voltage, V 380
Fuel Natural gas, liquefied gas
Chimney by order
Overall dimensions (length х width х height), m: 12 х 3 х 4
Mass, kg, not more than 17 000
Service life, years, not more than 10

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