BKU-series Modular Boiler Plants

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Technical conditions TU 4938-004-55402257-2009
Equipment use permits № RRS-04-11 000 358


BKU-series Modular Boiler Plants are intended as individual boiler plants for heating of industrial, administrative, and cultural objects. The main advantage of the mini- boilers in comparison with central heating is a short length of supply pipeline and the availability of operating temperature changing control, that can considerably decrease negative profits and electricity wastage.

Note that BKU-series Modular Boiler Plants can be fabricated with different capacity and modifications depending on fuel type:

  1. natural gas
  2. fuel oil
  3. diesel oil
  4. solid fuel
  5. combined fuel ( natural gas- fuel oil, natural gas-diesel fuel)

BKU-series Modular Boiler Plants advantages in comparison with Central Heat Stations:

  • full fabric set and readiness, rapid fuel installation
  • minimum costs of installation and breaking-in
  • not big capital expenditure of building construction for boiler plant
  • considerably reduces costs of heat supply and pipelines operating
  • shortest distances between boiler plant and heated object
  • easiest and convenient decision in case of heat supply decentralization

Roof boilers:

Advantages in comparison with other heating devices:

  • there is no necessity of ground bending and construction of specific building
  • shorter pipeline and easy access
  • no problem with smoke fumes output (there is no necessity of high flue pipe construction)
  • no problems with air supply to the boiler torch
  • a high level of safety (even in case of emergency natural gas or smoke emission inflow the opportunity of an accident is minimal)
  • environmentally cleaner – emissions from roof boilers disperse faster, because of meteorological reasons
  • optimal hydraulic conditions for boiler group – there is no static pressure of water column to pipelines, units and fittings. In addition, according to specialist analyze of heat energy costs are under 15-20 percent in comparison to central heating


BKU equipped contamination automatic control system consists of carbon monoxide and natural gases contamination sensors. The automatic regulation structure contains an electronic module with temperature sensors, that is used for heat-carrier temperature regulation dependent on external temperatures. All the data is transferred to the ACS TP.

ACS TP for BKU is prepared on Siemens or OWEN element base.

ACS TP provides such functions as:
- equipment operating and technical parameters management and control
heating loop management depending on weather
- hot water supply loop management
- cascade control of boiler capacity
- data display in graphic or text form about technical process and equipment statement
boiler gas valve control
- technological parameters and warning signals to the control center by the dedicated line, telephone or GSM.


BKU-50 — BKU-500

Characteristic nameBKU-50BKU-63BKU-80BKU-100BKU-126BKU-160BKU-200BKU-240BKU-300BKU-400BKU-500
Heating capacity, kwatt506380100126160200240300400500
Heating capacity, Gkal/h0,040,050,06 90,090,110,140,170,210,260,340,43
Approximate heating volume, thousand m31,51,92,433,84,867,291215
Boilers coefficient of efficiency,%84,585868690908990898989
Maximum output water temperature,°С9595959595959595959595
Specified input water temperature,°С5050505050505050505050
Operating water pressure, MPa(kilogram-force/sm2), not more0,3 (3,0)
Specified gas consumption, мз/ч (combustion heat Q р h =8000 kcal/m3)6,367,961012,515,6517,724,429,6537,0749,461,8
Specified electric demand, kilowatt/h3,53,53,53,53,54,54,54,64,64,97,8
Electric power consumption, kilowatt/h1,81,81,81,81,82,82,8333,24
Gas pressure,kPa (кгс/см 2) at the boiler input, not less2,8 (0,028)
Outlet gas temperature, not less,°С180205210210200200210200210210210
General water consumption m3/day0,060,070,090,10,10,10,20,20,30,41
Minimal exhaustion behind the boiler, Pa, not more33334676777
Mass, tonne, not more3,83,853,9444,154,24,555,26
Dimensions, , not more -length5555,55,5667789,5

BKU-200B — BKU-1000 B

Characteristic nameBKU-200BBKU-300BBKU-320BBKU-400BBKU-480BBKU-500BBKU-600BBKU-640BBKU-800 BBKU-1000B
Heating capacity, kwatt2003003204004805006006408001000
Heating capacity, Gkal/h0,170,260,280,340,410,430,520,550,690,86
Approximate heating volume, thousand m3699,61214,41518,619,82430
Boilers coefficient of efficiency,%92929292929292929292
Maximum output water temperature,°С95959595959595959595
Specified input water temperature,°С50505050505050505050
Operating water pressure, MPa(kilogram-force/sm2), not more0,4 (4,0)
Specified gas consumption, мз/ч (combustion heat Q р h =8000 kcal/m3)23,435,137,446,856,161,870,274,893,5117
Conjunctive gas pressure, kPa, не менее2,82,82,82,82,82,82,82,82,84
Outlet gas temperature, not less,°С160160160160160160160160160160
Mass, kg, not more45005000580060006240650065007200850010000
Exhaustion behind the boiler, Pa, not more45455053504553505353
Maximum emissions — specific carbonic oxide content , mg/m 3, not more — specific nitrogen oxide content, mg/m 3, not more130
Dimensions, , not more -length677789,589,59,511

BKU-1250B — BKU-4700 B

Characteristic nameBKU-1250BBKU-1500BBKU-2000BBKU-2250BBKU-3000BBKU-3500BBKU-4700B
Heating capacity, kwatt1279150020002326300035004640
Heating capacity, Gkal/h11,291,781,932,152,583,99
Approximate heating volume, thousand m3384560687590140
Boilers coefficient of efficiency,%92929292929292
Maximum output water temperature,°С9595-11595-1159595-1159595-115
Specified input water temperature,°С70707070707070
Operating water pressure, MPa(kilogram-force/sm2), not more0,6(6,0)
Specified gas consumption, мз/ч (combustion heat Q р h =8000 kcal/m3)135,8173,4231,2247,2346,8407,8536,4
Electric power consumption, kilowatt/h11,51720,2521,219,9637,2443,39
Gas pressure,kPa (кгс/см 2) at the boiler input, not less4,0(0,04)
Outlet gas temperature, not less,°С160155155160155160155
Exhaustion behind the boiler, Pa, not more7000800800
Mass, kg, not more12000180001850013000230002500028000
Dimensions, , not more -length8,59,59,591010,511

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