Pulse Gas Accumulator

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ТU 3615-005-55402257-2010
Opearting permit № RRS 00-043663

Pulse Gas Accumulator is intended for accommodation and storage of net gas emergency reserve which is supplied to the pneumatic or pneumohydraulic actuators of any valves used at main pipelines and at the facilities: GDS, CS, PGTS, GMS, etc., in case of emergencies related to pipeline depressurization.

Pulse Gas Accumulator is made of aboveground and underground design.

The main technical specifications are shown in the table

Volume, m3 1,5 1,8 3
Operating pressure, МPа 7,5 5,4 7,5
Allowable wall temperature , min °C minus 40
Design (aboveground/underground) underground aboveground
Shell (FxS), mm 1020x20
Overall dimentions (LxWxH), mm 2590x1190x2560 2990x1190x2560 4590x1190x1750
Масса, кг 1430 1630 2680
Материал основных деталей 09Г2С К60

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