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Block-container (shelter) for automated process control systems and telecommunications Zavod Neftegazoborudovanie Ltd. deals with the design development and production of multi-purpose block-containers which are manufactured under the brand name "Goluboe plamya". Block-containers are produced of two climatic design versions: general and northern.

Shelters are intended for accommodation and operation inside them of the following equipment:

- supervision system for automated control of technological process ACS TP (Block-container “Operator’s house”);

- instrumentation, telemechanics and communication systems;

- control devices operated at positive temperature (Block-container for telecommunication);

- metalwork equipment and tools (Block-container “Workshop”).

Type and dimensions of block-container is determined by Customer’s performance specification and questionnaire.

Block-containers are equipped with life-support system:

- conditioning, ventilation and heating systems;

- automatic fire extinguishing system;

- automatic fire-alarm system;

- switch panel.

Basic block-container consists of all-welded metal hull installed on hard frame, foundation and roof.

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