Gas Flow Metering Unit (GFMU) is intended for technological and fiscal metering of natural gas corrected to standard conditions by means of automatic electronic adjustment of temperature and pressure readings. GFMU can be estimated for required pressure. It’s used in the structure of GMS, AGDS and for other process needs.


Gas Flow Metering Unit can include the following lines and their possible configurations according to performance specification:

  • line of main gas flow with bypass;
  • line of main gas flow with 100% redundancy,
  • line of main gas flow of 100% redundancy and a line of low gas flow rate,
  • configuration of Z-shaped circuit, etc.

Considering the method of measurement, we can offer several modifications of GFMU using different components:

  • narrowing quick-detachable devices,
  • turbine meters,
  • rotary meters,
  • ultrasonic meters,
  • vortical meters.


GFMU provides:

  • measurement and indication of instantaneous gas flow rate in operating and standard conditions;
  • accumulation in archives of average hourly and average daily parameters and gas volume with the retrospective depth of 30 days and possibility of displaying data at the external devices;
  • control of gas composition (according to customer’s requirements);
  • identification of emergency situations in unit operation and gas metering according to predetermined algorithms and agreed values during emergency situation.


  • on the frame,
  • on the frame under canopy,
  • in the block-box.

Gas Flow Metering Unit on the frame under canopy

Gas Flow Metering Unit in block-box

Measurement inaccuracy is up to ± 1,5% in accordance with the standards of the commercial gas metering.

For fiscal flow metering natural gas is reduced to standard conditions with the help of the corrector Floboss 107, SuperFlow, HyperFlow, etc. The measurement of absolute and differential pressure as well as gas temperature is performed by sensors of certified firms. When it’s necessary GFMU is equipped with chromatographs and calorimeters.

According to the technical project The Plant "Neftegazoborudovanie" can manufacture GFMU of any configuration and capacity. To select measuring complex and elaborate design considering all the requirements please fill out the questionnaire submitted at our website.

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