All products manufactured by our plant are included in the Register of devices and materials applied at automated gas distribution stations, technical specifications of which meet Gazprom requirements.

Automated Gas Distribution Stations (AGDS) are used for natural and oil-associated gas high pressure reduction to predetermined low-pressure and keeping it with the required accuracy, as well as for heating, purification, gas flow measurement and its odorization before feeding residential areas, manufacturing enterprises, and other customers. AGDS is reliable in operation, has the necessary redundancy of basic technological processes, modern automatic control system (ACS) GDS.


Fuel, Starting and Pulse Gas Treatment Station is used to provide compressor plants including gas turbine, gas-transfer aggregates and power turbine plants with fuel, starting and pulse gas.

Basic functions of Fuel, Starting and Pulse Gas Treatment Station are:

  • gas purification from solid and liquid impurities;
  • gas flow rate measurement;
  • gas heating before reduction;
  • gas pressure reduction;
  • pulse gas treatment (gas dewatering);
  • process automation.

FSPGTS is a station consisting of one or several units of dry-wall construction that provides for installation on the prepared foundation in the operating area.


Gas Metering Station

Gas Metering Station is used for continuous automated measurement of gas flow passing through the sensing pipelines, with the analysis of its qualitative and quantitative composition and calorific value.

Metering methods:

  • Gas flow rate metering is carried out by feel method of variable pressure drop on quick-changeable constriction device. For this purpose gas flow rate meter is installed on each sensing pipeline completed with differential pressure, pressure and temperature sensors.
  • Gas flow rate metering is carried out by ultrasonic method based on the acoustic vibrations displacement effect caused by moving medium with the help of ultrasonic flow meter.

For gas flow fiscal metering natural gas is treated to standard conditions by means of flow computer chosen by Customer: Floboss 107, SuperFlow, ERZ 2004, etc. The metering of absolute and differential pressure as well as gas temperature is carried out by sensors. GMS is equipped with chromatographs, calorimeters, carbohydrates and water dew point analyzer for the qualitative gas composition measurement.

Gas Treatment Unit (including modular construction)


Gas Treating Unit (hereinafter as GTU) is designed for purification, metering and uninterrupted supply of natural gas to booster compressor systems. It’s also used for gas treatment at gas turbine plants and combined cycle power plants, as well as for providing compressor stations based on gas turbine pumping devices and auxiliary power plants based on gas turbine drive with fuel, start-up and pulse gas.


ACS TP Automated Control Systems of Technological Process of GDS and CS

ACS GDS is designed as a part of the integrated automated process control system of gas transmission enterprise, ensuring interaction with the control station through the communication channels of telemechanics systems or industrial computer network.



ACS GDS is a project-linked product. The composition and number of functional units is determined by the order in accordance with the configuration of a concrete GDS.

The modular architecture of ACS provides a simple adaptation of the system according to Customer’s requirements, allows to carry out the ACS development, building-up and upgrading during its operation.



Gas Purification Units 

Gas Purification Units (GPU) are used for gas purification from solid mechanic impurities, condensed moisture and condensate separation with its further disposal in condensate collection tank. Zavod Neftegazoborudovaniye Ltd. manufactures GPU based on cyclone dust collectors, filter-separators, filter-dryers, as well as based on filters of different trade mark, of any filtration grade. GPU are used at gas pipelines, in automated gas distribution stations AGDS, compressor stations and gas treatment stations for gas turbine units of thermal power plants, regional power stations and other process needs.


Gas Heating Unit

Gas Heating Unit is designed for gas heating up to required temperature. It can be used at gas distribution and gas consumption facilities to prevent hydrate formation at throttling, as well as for gas temperature maintaining at the output of GDS, GTU and other possible objects.

Gas Flow Metering Unit

Узел учета расхода газа

Gas Flow Metering Unit (GFMU) is intended for technological and fiscal metering of natural gas corrected to standard conditions by means of automatic electronic adjustment of temperature and pressure readings. GFMU can be estimated for required pressure. It’s used in the structure of GMS, AGDS and for other process needs.

Depending on the measurement method we can offer several modifications of GFMU using different using different metering devices and flow computer.

Automatic Gas Odorization Unit


Automatic Gas Odorization Unit AGOU is designed for dosing odorant (ethyl mercaptan C2H5SH) supply into natural gas flow and its metering before gas supplying to consumer in automatic, semi-automatic and manual mode.





Gas Regulating Plants are used for:

  • pressure reduction of natural gas according to GOST 5542 from high and medium pressure down to required pressure and its maintaining within the specified range;
  • gas purification from mechanical impurities;
  • fiscal or technological gas flow metering;
  • automatic gas supply shutdown in case of emergency increase or decrease of output pressure.

GRP is applied at gas distribution and gas supply facilities in industry and municipal field.


Gas Regulating Cabinets and Gas Regulating Units

Gas Regulating Cabinets (GRC) and Gas Regulating Units (GRU) are used for high and medium natural gas pressure reduction to required rate according to GOST 5542 and its automatic maintenance within the prescribed limits, gas purification from solid mechanic impurities, automatic gas supply shutdown in case of emergency increase or decrease of output pressure.

Units can be equipped with gas flow metering sets with temperature and pressure correction, providing fiscal or technological gas flow metering.



Gas Flow Metering Cabinets are designed for fiscal or technological gas flow metering according to GOST 5542, gas purification from solids, gas parameters control (pressure, temperature, by agreement with customer — gas indexes: chemical composition, density, moisture and impurities concentration, specific combustion heat).

Engineering Department of our enterprise can design and manufacture any kind of gas metering systems according to project. Maximum natural gas pressure is up to 10.0 MPa (100 kgf/cm2).

Modular Boiler Plants

Modular Boiler Plants are intended for heating of industrial, administrative, and municipal facilities. The main advantage of MBP comparing with district heating is a short length of service lines and the ability to change rapidly the temperature setting according to climate conditions that can significantly reduce losses and energy consumption.



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