On 5th of November the open tournament

of “Eastern Martial arts”

took place at the Palace of Sport “Torpedo”


The tournament organizers are the Federation of Karate-do "Shito-Ryu" of Saratov region and the Center of Martial Arts "Phoenix" with support of Sports, Physical Culture and Tourism Development Ministry of Saratov region.


The tournament brought together over 200 athletes between the ages of 6 to 13 years old from Saratov, Petrovsk and Penza.

Opening of the competitions was marked by colorful solemn ceremony with demonstration performances of martial arts schools, Saratov school of photo models "Crystal Crown", modern dance group «Freeze Out».

The Minister of Sports, Physical Culture and Tourism of Saratov region Vladimir V. Pashkin greeted the participants of the competition:

- This holiday - National Unity Day - we hold first open tournament of martial arts in Saratov region. I think this kind of sports has a great future, and today the Federation has been preparing all documents in order to receive accreditation and become a valuable member of our sports family. We are proud of our regional school of martial arts named after S.R. Akhmerov which by the end of 2010 received a gold belt in the Kremlin Palace.

Then on behalf of our company Voloshina Svetlana took the floor:

- The objectives of our participation in this event fully coincide with the tasks that are currently facing the Ministry of Physical Education and sports associations. Our joint efforts should be directed to the maintenance and development of children and teen-age sports, creating favorable conditions for the proper physical and moral education of future generations.

Classification of competitions

The open tournament of Eastern Martial Arts was held in a sports duels (kumite), and formal technical complexes (kata) in the following age and weight categories:


Young champions showed their skills and will to win, they won 140 medals and diplomas of corresponding degrees.

All competitors were encouraged by gifts from the official sponsor as well as teams in each of disciplines were provided by prizes.

Past events are surely great incentive for the generation of future champions, giving them opportunity to estimate their strength and raise level in achieving their goals.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the tournament was broad public resonance and was reflected in the mass media.

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