Let's help «sunny» kids!

On January 30th representatives of Zavod Neftegazoborudovanie Ltd. met with parents – the members of community “Sunshine circle” whose children have Down's syndrome. The meeting was held in an informal atmosphere while shooting the report for the telecast "Live", dedicated to the "sunny" children.

We are not indifferent to the social burning issues of our country and the future of rising generation. One of the issues is the adaptive process of kids with Down's syndrome. Together with parents from “Sunshine circle” community we carry out various programs oriented on “sunny” children's support and development. Our mission is not only to attract society's attention to the kids, but also to help them find their own way in life. Each child with Down's syndrome needs care and lots of attention. Unfortunately our society is still too suspicious and not enough attentive to these children, meanwhile early pedagogical help could reduce the development gap and enhance their quality of living.

We're glad that mass media began to pay more attention to this problem. The world of “sunny” kids is in our hands and we can make it more cheerful and rich!

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