Photo Contest "Winter's Tale"


A lot of bright children's photos accommodated at the stands of the State Art Radischev Museumwhere the final of the photo contest"Winter's Tale" organized by the Education Ministry of Saratov region in cooperation with Zavod Neftegazoborudovanie Ltd. took place.


The contest has been holding since November 17th till December 20th this year among the students of orphanages, boarding and secondary schools in Saratov region. The event promoted cultural and creative development of children and teenagers, increasing interest in photo art.

55 best photos were selected from more than 350 works submitted for the contest, they were marked out by jury in terms of professional aspects, such as compositional completeness, proper lighting, color performance, etc.

The event started with the concert involving Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

Award ceremony was opened by Deputy Minister of Education of Saratov region, Shuster Nikolai Nolikovich who expressed admiration for the children’s photos and observed that such content should hold annually.

The presented works won the jury and the organizers by their genre peculiarity; many fairy characters were embodied in them, such as Snow Maiden, Emelya from the fairy tale "By will of the Pike" and other characters from Russian folklore. Each work is unique and inimitable, made with love and carries a fragment of the author’s life and a particle of his creation.

The Governor of the Plant “Neftegazoborudovanie” Igor Zakharov and Deputy Minister Nikolai Shuster presented diplomas and prizes to winners.

As a constant cofounder of contests held under the aegis of the Education Ministry, we note that it is our pleasure to support such projects and we’re ready to consider the perspectives of further cooperation with representatives of the education system.

We congratulate children, teachers, educators and those who helped in organizing and holding the contest and wish all the best for the New Year!

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