Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is one of the most ancient cities in the Far East. It is based on a place of the kamchadal settlements Aushin where in 1740 2nd Kamchatka expedition (1733-1743) represented by V.I.Bering and A.I.Chirikova wintered and has constructed the Peter and Paul jail. The jail has received its name from the courts of the expedition - "Saint apostle Peter" and "Saint apostle Pavel".

To the beginning XIX century it became the main port in the Far East and the administrative center of Kamchatka. In 1822 the Peter and Paul Port is transformed to a district city named mostly Petropavlovsk.

From 25 till 29 of April the meeting on a question «Results of work of gas-transport societies on operation of a linear part of the main gas pipelines, condensate pipeline and GPRMS Open Society" Gazprom "for 2010 and problems on 2011. Positive experience, problems» has passed in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

above-water crossing above breeding river

GPRMS-1, GPRMS-2 of the main pipeline Sobolevo-Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy

With a complimentary address the deputy chief of department – the chief of department on operation of the main gas pipelines, condensate pipeline and GPRMS Open Society "Gazprom" A.Nkolotovskiy and as the assistant to the general director on Open Company manufacture «Gazprom transgas Tomsk» O.A.Isaev have began the meeting, then actula reports had been heard, after discussions have passed, it was summed up the works for 2010 and also plans and problems on 2011were marked.

Kamchatka is remarkable not only for the history, but also natural beauty. The territory of the Kamchatka edge covers the Kamchatka peninsula and northern continental part adjoining to it, and also Komandorsky and Karaginsky islands. The peninsula is washed in the west by sea of Okhotsk, in the northeast — Bering sea and Pacific ocean in the southeast. These seas are cold, storm, ice on them keeps for 7-8 months in a year.

The unique virgin nature: median mountain ridges with glaciers, coastal hills, coniferous and deciduous woods, extensive spaces of forest-tundra and tundra, in the north a permafrost. Thousand rivers

and the lakes rich with fish (a Siberian salmon, a humpback salmon, the loach, grayling, a trout); tens different kinds of animals (a bear, an elk, snow leopard, a hare, a polar fox, a sable, etc.), hundreds kinds wood and waterfowls. There are a lot of berries and mushrooms. In tundra reindeers are grazed, being here, you understand how much our Earth is wonderful and rich However, it requires constant care and solicitous attitude.




helicopter tour thermal spring bathing

The district concerns a zone of active volcanic activity. There are about 300 large and average volcanoes, 29 from them are active. The biggest volcano of Eurasia is the Kljuchevsky hill (height 4750).

active volcano

Formation of many minerals and activity of volcanoes hydrothermal activity: formation fumarols, geysers, hot wells, etc.

geyser valley visit

Ethnic village Kainyran vist

We are glad to share with you beauty we have seen and we hope that, having seen beauty of our Native land each of us will want to learn and see something new!
We express special gratitude to organizers of the meeting for the given possibility of having not only productive business dialogue with representatives of gas-transport societies, but also to see unforgettable beauty of the Kamchatka region.

We don't say goodbye to Kamchatka, we speak to it: «See you!!!».

Апрель 2011г. г. Петропавловск-Камчатский

Our enterprise was visited by Gazprom centrremont LTD represented by Shumilov A.N., the head of the GPRMS procurement, Melehin O.N., the head of the GPRMS and GIS . The aim of the visit was inspection checkup.
During the inspection the GPRMS placed and launched units and blocks quantity, graph of fulfilment of a request plan were checked and also the equipment ship date was agreed.
As a result of the inspection it was notified that all equipment is being launched ans producing according to the graph of fulfilment of the plan.

SPHI “Dom rebenka”, Saratov

April 2010

All the time of existing of our company at the market it tries to give a charity support for children who need. From the foundation of our plant it became a general sponsor of the SPHI “Dom rebenka”, Saratov. This orphanage cares about more than 60 children under 3 years old. This time we presented significant gift for helping with chemicals for the Person Care.

February 2011

testing area TL Saratovorgdiagnostika
Orgenergogaz AOSJC , Saratov.

Ground test of the AGPRMS GOLUBOE PLAMYA with the capacity 10000 nm3/h of CTZ-type for operation in the Far North at the South Tambeysk gas-condensate field was successfully taken, Yamal-peninsula.
Commission consists of:
Commission chairman – chairman of the Gas and Gas Condensate Transportation Direction Gazprom OSJC – Proskuryakov A.M.;
commission members - representatives:
stop valve group chairman Gazprom Transgaz Saratov LTD – Kamyshanov A.P.;
deputy chief section foreman ETC Gazprom Transgaz Uhta LTD – Oleynik L.N.;
deputy chief of the Volga region direction of Saratov Gazprom Gaznadzor LTD-Nechukin N.V.;
principal engineer Orgenergogaz AOSJC- Dekhtyar L.A. and deputy chief of the direction Melsitdinov V.K.;
technical director Zavod Neftegazoborudovanie LTD Buchnev S.Y. and deputy chief constructor Okorokov S.A.;
chief of the department LTSRV of the certification and examination department Saratovorgdiagnostika OSJC – Starodubcev V.I.,
and also vendor representatives and gas transportation society:
deputy chief engineer of the connection and SAU Yamal SPG OSJC – Kozlov A.Y.; chief PTD Yamal SPG OSJC – Kashparov Y.M.;
chief of the PTE GPRMS Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk LTD – Ovchinnikov G.S.; head of the gas group Uralstroyproekt LTD Tagirov A.I.;
deputy chief of the ID A&T Gazprom Transgaz Surgut LTD – Gorban A.V.;
chief of the PTE GPRMS Gazprom Transgaz Saratov LTD- Daschenko A.G.;
1class engineer PTE GPRMS Gazprom transgaz Saratov LTD- Radin K.O.;
Chief of the fire security service Gazprom transgaz Saratov LTD Litvinchuk V.A.;
Chief of the control metering apparatus and automatics group of the ETC Gazprom transgaz Saratov Schukarev A.P.,

Were positively pointed original construction decisions and substantiated arranging of the technological binding, that provides equipment operating and repair conveniences, high quality of AGPRMS production.

commission members

Gas pressure regulators MFL/025 and MFL/040 TARTARINY production, Italy (supplier is Evroimport LTD (Volgograd), director is Shilikhin D.) provides AGPRMS stable operation in various range of gas consumption from minimum to maximum values, that allows not to use low consumption line.

Gas pressure regulators Gas pressure regulators
MFL/025-type MFL/040-type



Children drawing contest

"Four Seasons"

On the 1st of December in supplementary education center “Poisk” the solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of children drawing contest “Four Seasons” organized by Zavod Neftegazoborudovanie Ltd. was held.

The contest was organized within the bounds of charity action under the aegis of Education Ministry of Saratov region to discover and support young talents from orphanages and boarding-schools of Saratov region and to involve children in creative art work.


A special guest of ceremony was the Deputy Minister of Education of Saratov region Mikhail I. Orlov. He addressed to the audience:

- Whatever we do for our children of boarding schools and orphanages, and believe me, we do much, - it’ll never be enough. They need not only their educators’ attention (they are used to it) but also to be the object of other people’s attention. Today they’ve come, met new faces and talked. Such contests should be as many as possible.

The event brought together over 250 young artists. 44 works were highly appreciated by the jury which included members of the Union of Russian artists and masters of decorative art: Valeriy A. Apin, Nina S. Reshetnikova, whose works are represented in the collection of Saratov region museums, private collections in Russia, Germany, France, Israel and other countries.

Неганов Владислав 11 лет, Балаковский район, п. НовониколаевскийЕвдокимов Александр 10 лет, Балаковский район, с. ПлеханыЛесникова Оксана 12 лет, г. БалаковоЗахарчук Влерий 12 лет, г. БалаковоЛевшина Алена 11 лет, Пугачевский район, с. Беленка


The winners were selected according to age categories and nominations. The youngest nominee is 3 years old.

Child’s picture is always surprising: it reveals a special vision of the world. Prize-winning works amazed us by incredible mix of colors, non-standard graphical content, original compositions and unusual landscape solutions.


The winners received certificates and gifts, other participants were awarded by incentive prizes.

As a result of contest the big calendar-2012 including best pictures will be issued.

One contest is over, others are yet to come but we’ve already fully captivated by the world of smiles and pure hearts intertwined with knowledge, skills, curiosity and will to win. Every child is talented in his own way, and our task is to develop these talents, disclose the creative and intellectual potential of every child to promote its realization, implementation of child’s aspirations.

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